High Efficiency Sandblast Non-Metallic Abrasive

Non-metallic abrasives are sometimes essential!

Exploring the role of non-metallic abrasives

Garnet, Aluminum Oxide, Non-Silica Sand: Non-metallic abrasives are media composed of natural abrasive materials or synthetic abrasive materials that do not contain metal. Although Winoa only manufactures metal abrasives (shot, grit, cut wire…), non-metallic abrasives are still sometimes essential and though, available through our distribution centers and e-commerce sites.

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Sandblast Non-Metallic Abrasive

Why Winoa for your non-metallic media

Global Support for All Your Needs

Sometimes, when production or sand blasting equipment is not optimized for metal abrasive recycling, or when certain surface preparation specifications require non-reusable media, then the non-metallic abrasive option may be the only choice.

Winoa, and its external technical team W Care™ support all their customers, using or not metallic media.
Our W Care™ teams can also help you assess the advantages and disadvantages, costs and investments, as well as the potential savings of a transition to metallic media.
In all case, you will be assured of a service, a team and a global presence for all your sand blasting media needs.

Here is a range of readily available media through Winoa.

Sandblast Non-Metallic Abrasive

Our different types of non-metallic sandblast media

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Angular mineral grain, great replacement of silica sand, producing less dust and safer for the employees. Our garnet is an almandine mineral durable enough to be recycled 2-5 times, depending on pressure and environment. One of its advantages is that it is keeping its sharp edge after being used and crushed. It is also suitable for all types of surfaces, ferrous and non-ferrous.

Garnet typical applications:
– High pressure water jet cutting
– Concrete cleaning
– Mechanical stripping
– Surface preparation outdoors, such as pipes, tanks, vessels, bridges, stainless steel and aluminum structures

Sandblast Non-Metallic Abrasive

Aluminum Oxide (Corundum)

Aluminum oxide (AL2O3), also known as alumina or Corundum, is the second hardest mineral after diamond. It is high density and versatile in its use. It is ideal for dry and wet air blasting, creating an effective anchoring profile for the adhesion of coating or paint.
Thanks to a tighter screening than other media, to obtain a constant profile, aluminum oxide is also the informed choice. They are also commonly used in the aerospace and medical industries due to their cleanliness and low levels of impurities.

Key applications:
– General blasting
– Stone engraving
– Mechanical stripping
– Preparation of metal surfaces
– Applications on stainless steel and aluminum
– Medical and dental applications

Multiple versions available. Contact our team to discuss your specific application.


Glass beads and grit

Both made of glass, for 2 different applications…
Glass bead is ideal for soft and bright surface finishing, while Glass Grit is a low cost option for surface profiling.

The grit is made from angular micrometric grains obtained from glass waste, while the round spherical beads, made of tempered glass, have the advantage of creating perfect surfaces. In both cases, they are free of silica. Glass beads are also a non-toxic and non-hazardous abrasive while also being environmentally friendly.
In both cases, they are a great choice to use on Stainless Steel, Aluminum, special alloys like brass and plastics.

Key applications of grit:
– Mechanical stripping
– Low pressure blasting
– Surface preparation of pipes, fittings and valves

Round Ball Key Applications:
– Gentle mechanical stripping
– Peening
– Smooth surface finish
– Satin-finishing and Polishing of heat-treated mechanical parts

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