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WINOA Czech Republic s.r.o 

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Czech Republic

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WINOA Czech Republic

General description

WINOA Czech Republic s.r.o.

Was created in 2021 by renaming the original company KOVOBRASIV Mníšek, which was founded 30 years ago, On September 1, 1991, capital investment by Winoa (formerly known as Wheelabrator Allevard ).

However, its history is much richer and goes back much further.

The beginning of the production of steel blasting materials in Mníšek pod Brdy began already in 1962 under the name Kovohutě Mníšek, since then the production has developed and adapted to the requirements and needs of its customers in the field of steel and later also stainless steel grits and granules intended for surface preparation by blasting.

The first blasting material was produced in September 1962, and soon the company’s steel products were being used all over what was then Czechoslovakia.

The original production was primarily intended for “low carbon” steel abrasives.

However, with the development of technology and the demand for higher quality materials, the production of high-carbon cast steel abrasives, which are more suitable for surface preparation by blasting, began in the 1970s and thus expanded the offer to include steel grit.

Since 1991, also thanks to the support of Kovobrasiv Mníšek, the Winoa group has become the largest manufacturer and world leader in the field of steel blasting shots and grit.

Over the years, production has moved and today abrasives in the European part of the company are mainly produced by sister companies in France, Slovenia, and Spain.

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WINOA Czech Republic s.r.o 

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WINOA Czech Republic


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WINOA Czech Republic

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Kovohutě Mníšek – the first production of blasting materials in Czechoslovakia is established.


Obtained a license for the production of heat-treated steel blasting materials with a higher carbon content from the American company Pangborn US


Kovobrasiv Mníšek welcomes the 51% capital input of the multinational company Wheelabrator Allevard (now WINOA) and becomes part of the most important manufacturer of blasting materials. It is invested in the development of premium and special products.


After a certification audit, our company Kovobrasiv Mníšek is awarded by Det Norway Veritas ISO 9001 quality certificate.


Wheelabrator Allevard (WINOA) becomes 100% owner of Kovobrasiv Mníšek spol., s ro 



Wheelabrator Allevard (WA) is changing to WINOA. WA in the name refers to the original name and INO stands for innovations that are an integral part of the company’s strategy. New investments are being made in the innovation center and Test Center in Mníšek pod Brdy.


It was decided to transfer production capacities to the WINOA sister companies. Restructuring of the Kovobrasiv company into a trading company with a focus on technical innovation for customers.


WINOA unifies the names of its companies and Kovobrasiv Mníšek, spol. sr. o. changes to WINOA Czech Republic s.r.o


WINOA Czech Republic builds a new Tech Center and new offices near Prague – Zlatníky. 



ul. K Nové nádraží 2256,
594 01 Velké Meziříčí

Czech Republic 

Tel.: +420 566 520 551
Mobile: +420 605 207 783 

The company COMPREX CZ s.r.o. was established in 1999 with a focus on the distribution of industrial components and steel blasting materials intended for the engineering, metallurgical, plastic and automotive industries. 


Address: Jiráskova 381 

City, Country: Vsetín 755 01 

Phones, Fax: +420 603 943 741 

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SPOLMONT s.r.o. is dynamic a developing company with many years of experience experience in the field jets equipment for surface pretreatments and how compressed air jetting as well as throwing machines wheels ( throwing ). 


Jbury, sro   

Pavel Križka 386   

Kremnica , 96701 


WINOA Czech Republic s.r.o 

Our W Care specialist measures cleanliness surface after blasting . 

WINOA Czech Republic s.r.o 

Execution mesh analysis working mixture , separate and her evaluation direct in bakery ours significant customer . 

WINOA Czech Republic s.r.o 

Measurement roughness surface of the product at the customer within regularly technical assistance. 

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