Shot Blasting Services past through machine

Shot blasting services

Our reputation is founded upon the top quality of our shot blasting services

Maximize the efficiency of your blasting process

And because you are always looking for more performance, reliability and competitiveness, we put all our expertise at your service.
Our challenge: to set new standards of shot blasting services, so that you can experience our unique know-how all over the world, while increasing your performance!

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shot blasting services

Our shot blasting services

Raising the bar

11 %
Average reduction of blasting costs
Tests co-performed each year
Experts worldwide
Technical reports per year

The W Care approach

shot blasting services

W Care is the cornerstone of our project, by providing the best possible quality of shot blasting services and reducing significantly your operating costs.

W Care: a complete portfolio of services to meet your needs, consulting, testing, training, whatever your specificities and industry: transportation, metallurgy, energy, construction, equipment goods, windmills or granite and stone cutting.

Concretely what does it mean?

Our worldwide team of 20 Technical Engineers bring you every day their experience in order to expertise your blasting process, train your staff and test new solutions.

Shot Blasting Services past through machine

A comprehensive range to be one step ahead of your competitors

Shot blasting services

At each step of your process, for each of your industrial or financial stakes, you have a solution via W Care ! Our dedicated shot blasting services team of experts will assist you in addressing challenges such as:

Parts inspection shot blasting services


Tailored solutions and expertise: we team up with you to offer customized advice to improve blasting parameters. We audit your process and equipment to propose adapted solutions.

  • On-site diagnosis
  • Recommendations
  • Savings

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After Blasting Brake Disc


Whether it is for a new process or solve a specific problem our expertise is at your service to find the right solution without disrupting your production line. Secure your business!

  • In house trials
  • On site trials
  • Concrete assessment

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Training Teams on Shot Blasting Operations


Develop your teams! We help you to increase your knowledge on blasting processes and operations through on-site and practical training tailored to your needs.

  • Airblasting
  • Wheelblasting
  • Shot-peening

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Wheelblasting Machine Replacement

Maintenance & Repairs

Avoid downtime: we maintain, repair and service your equipment with scheduled interventions or according to your needs. Our services also include parts replacements and annual service contracts.

  • Preventive & curative maintenance
  • Planned equipment inspection
  • Parts replacement

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W Care consulting services

Machine upgrade

Need to upgrade your system or add specific equipment to an existing installation? We are ready to guide you and help you choose the most efficient solution. Let’s prepare tomorrow together!

  • Machine analyzing
  • Defining your needs
  • Making the proper choice

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Shot-peening by air-blasting on transmission component.

Shot Peening & Finishing

Enhance Component Life: Our specialized peening services increase resistance to fatigue, wear, and corrosion, safeguarding your investments. Tailored to aerospace, automotive, and power industries, we ensure optimal component performance.

Stress analysis & improvement
Custom peening solutions
Component longevity enhancement

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Optimize your total cost of operations

Proven Expertise

Manpower, machines, maintenance, spare parts, wear, energy and waste: all these elements of cost represent 80% of your TCO, while raw materials account for only 20%.

We propose a global approach to optimize your blasting costs. In practical terms: various successive stages including an audit of your installations, tests in our test center, training programs for your teams, trials follow-up, up to savings validation.

We have has the expertise of the world pioneer in this TCO approach. If, like 3,000 of our customers, you want to reduce your production costs by an average of 11%, let’s talk about it!

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The importance of having a balanced operating mix

Our experts advices

One of the most important variables in the process of blast cleaning metal is keeping the Operating Mix balanced and maintaining all functions of a Blast Machine is necessary to achieve this.

Of course, the starting point is the abrasive you add in your machine, but the operating mix will be automatically built by your machine depending on the settings of the machine and the regularity of addings of fresh abrasive. This is why our expertise and training can help you to monitor properly your operating mix which is the key point of blasting operations.

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Shot Blasting Services Operating Mix