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Grand Opening of Winoa-2Effe India

Experience Shot Peening Excellence in India

Winoa-2Effe Ceremony June 25th

We are excited to invite you to the grand opening of the Winoa-2Effe center in Pune, Maharashtra.

Join us as we unveil our cutting-edge facility dedicated to advancing shot peening technology and services. Don’t miss this opportunity to network with industry leaders and explore our state-of-the-art capabilities.

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Leading the Way in Peening

Who we are

Winoa-2Effe Private Limited is a joint-venture between Winoa, world leader of steel shot market, and 2Effe Engineering, the reference of shot-peening services in Europe.

  • You are looking to out-source shot-peening process?
  • You require mirror finishing process on intricated shape components?
  • You need to assess residual stress through X-ray diffraction?
  • You want to grow your team skills and knowledge on the shot-peening process?

We’ve got your back through our brand-new facility dedicated to shot-peening excellence in Maharashtra, at the heart of one of the largest industrial hub of India!

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Our comprehensive range of services

Picto Peening Shot Services


Surface Polishing Shot


X Ray Diffraction Peening Services


Consulting W Care services


W Care Training Services Blasting and peening


Our Shot Peening and surface enhancement offer

Our services

At Winoa-2Effe, we pride ourselves on offering specialized shot peening solutions tailored to the unique needs of the aerospace, automotive, and power generation industries. Our state-of-the-art technology and expert approach ensure optimal fatigue performance and surface enhancement for a variety of components. Discover our dedicated services and how they can transform your project:

Shot-peening by air-blasting on transmission component.


At Winoa-2Effe, our shot-peening process is engineered to enhance the fatigue life of cyclically loaded components.

By meticulously hammering the component surfaces with a selection of hard shots – from cast steel to cut wire to ceramic beads – we induce beneficial compressive stresses. Our expertise in adjusting process parameters, including shot type and coverage rate, ensures each component achieves its maximum performance without risk of damage. This precision-driven approach makes our shot-peening service a cornerstone of industry-leading projects in automotive, aerospace, and power generation.

Transmission component in a X-rays diffractometer


Our X-ray diffraction service provides a non-destructive means to evaluate residual stresses critical for component integrity post-shot peening.

By leveraging advanced X-ray diffraction techniques, we’re able to precisely measure stress distributions down to 2000 µm, offering invaluable insights into the material’s structural resilience. Whether assessing surface stresses or delving deeper with electro-erosion for a comprehensive stress profile, Winoa-2Effe’s capabilities ensure your components meet stringent quality standards.


Winoa-2Effe’s vibratory finishing process represents the optimum of mass finishing, providing a seamless method to deburr, descale, and polish intricate workpieces.

Our wide variety of media and batch-type operation facilitate a uniform finish, even on internal sections, making it a perfect complement to shot peening for achieving mirror finishes. This method underscores our commitment to delivering excellence in surface treatment, enhancing fatigue performance and aesthetic appeal of components across all applications.

Discover the Winoa-2Effe Advantage

Where Expertise Meets Innovation

L'abrasif et son fonctionnement

Unparalleled Expertise and Global Leadership

Winoa-2Effe is a fusion of Winoa’s global leadership in the steel shot market and 2Effe Engineering’s renowned expertise in shot-peening services in Europe. This blend of global and technical prowess positions us uniquely to deliver superior shot-peening solutions.

Winoa-2Effe peening center India

State-of-the-Art Facility in India's Industrial Hub

Our new facility in Maharashtra is strategically located in one of India’s largest industrial hubs. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and expansive shopfloor space, we bring world-class shot-peening services closer to Indian and international clients.

Shot-peening by air-blasting on transmission component.

Comprehensive Range of Services

We offer an extensive array of services, including shot-peening, vibratory finishing, and X-ray diffraction, complemented by bespoke consulting and training. This comprehensive approach caters to a wide spectrum of industrial needs, from automotive to aerospace.

Transmission component in a X-rays diffractometer

Advanced Metallurgical and X-Ray Laboratories

Our laboratories are equipped with ISO/ASTM-certified equipment for meticulous quality control. The state-of-the-art X-ray diffraction laboratory provides precise assessment of residual stresses, ensuring the highest standard of treatment for every component.

Commitment to Quality and Excellence

Winoa-2Effe is driven by a passion for excellence. Our joint venture is more than a service provider – we are a partner in enhancing the performance and durability of your components.

Core Values of Winoa 2Effe

Excellence in Every Endeavor

At Winoa 2Effe, our guiding principles are the reasons that illuminate our path to success. Here are the five pillars that stand at the core of everything we do:

Excellence Delivered

Quality at its pinnacle, striving without end.

Committed Nights & Days

Effort beyond hours, surpassing expectations.

Best in Class – Everyday

Improvement incessant, at the forefront constantly.

Accuracy with Precision

Attention to the finest detail, standards never compromised.

Evolving Passionately

Growth continuous, innovation limitless.

State-of-the-Art Facility: Engineered for Excellence

Our capabilities

Our one-of-a-kind facility comprises:

A 15.000 sq. ft. shopfloor fitted with:

  • Cleaning and degreasing machine
  • 2 x wheel-blasting machines (hanger-type, 2 x 5,5 kW each)
  • Manual air-blasting room (4 m x 4 m dimensions)
  • Robotized air-blasting room (4 m x 4 m dimensions)
  • 2 x vibratory finishing machines (410 liters capacity each)


Vibratory equipmentPeening media

Cutting-Edge Laboratories for Precision

Advanced Materials Analysis

A state-of-the-art metallurgical laboratory fitted with:

  • Automatic samples preparation systems (cutting, polishing, mounting)
  • ISO/ASTM certified perthometer
  • ISO/ASTM certified Vickers hardness tester
  • ISO/ASTM certified Rockwell hardness tester
  • ISO/ASTM certified microscope with image analysis software

A X-rays diffraction laboratory fitted with:

  • Electro-erosion system
  • X-rays diffractometer

Fueled by our passion for excellence and the unrivalled shot-peening expertise of 2Effe Engineering team, this service center aims at bringing shot-peening excellence to India.

Applications across Industries

Broad Range of Parts and Component Treatments

At Winoa-2Effe, we apply our shot peening expertise to a wide spectrum of industrial components, enhancing durability and performance. From automotive to aerospace, discover how our treatments fortify and extend the life of critical parts in various sectors.

Automotive components


  • Transmission components: gears, camshafts, crankshafts
  • engine components: connection rods, valve springs, injector, cylinder head
  • chassis components: coil springs, leaf springs, stabilizers, bearing housing…
Passanger airplane flying above clouds in evening.


  • engine components: blades, airfoil, discs, shafts
  • landing gears: new or touch up, after repairs
  • structural components: frames, ribs, engine masts
Steam turbine blades wheels


  • Steam turbine components: blades, discs, shafts…
  • hydro-power : Rotor, gears, shafts
  • Nuclear: pump column, pipes, welded parts
Medical Implant peening


  • Medical applications: orthopaedic prosthesis, implants, fixations…
  • Marine: repairs, structures, weld zones
  • Railway, construction, heavy industry…


For expert consultations

Winoa-2Effe Pvt. Ltd.

RMK Industrial Park I, Gut No. 40,
Village: Navlakh Umbre Tal. Maval,
Pune 410506 (Maharashtra), India
For general inquiries:

Phone: +91 123 456 7890


To reach our General Manager, Joan Samuel:

Phone: +91 85 888 42 126

Winoa-2Effe peening center India

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