Winoa achieved certification from Bombardier, the world’s leading manufacturer of both planes and trains.

world's leading manufacturer of planes and trains

Winoa is proud to announce that it has achieved certification from Bombardier, the world’s leading manufacturer of planes and trains. Bombardier has extremely high standards which it expects its suppliers to meet.

Why and how did Winoa take up this challenge so brilliantly?
For Bombardier, suppliers have a key role to play in the realisation of its innovative products. In order to identify and select the best materials and the best technologies for each product, Bombardier has implemented a rigorous supplier selection process where compliance with internationally-recognized standards is essential.
Working for Bombardier, directly or indirectly, requires commitment in terms of quality and to obtain certification from this renowned manufacturer.
In order to respond to a tender, Winoa must be among Bombardier’s accredited suppliers – For Winoa, satisfying the client became an objective, and Bombardier certification a challenge!
The process started in May 2016 and took a year of procedures, tests and exchanges, all carried out with a determination to go all the way and obtain this certification. Two people from Winoa collaborated and were completely involved in this project to make this process a success:   Irena AZNIK, MUTA Quality Manager, Slovenian subsidiary of the group and Yves Béret, Head of the Cheylas Test Centre, working as AMS Product Manager and acting as coordinator between Winoa, MUTA and Bombardier.
First of all, a quality management questionnaire had to be completed, and Winoa’s propensity for respecting, integrating and fitting in with Bombardier’s expectations had to be demonstrated.
Winoa therefore prepared several sets of samples in order to begin the validation process of its products with Bombardier. They implemented the product quantification process and checked that they corresponded to the standards required by its markets. Bombardier then called on the services of an external laboratory to carry out a second assessment in order to validate and certify the products supplied by Winoa.
For Winoa, the certification from Bombardier Aerostructures and Engineering Services is a guarantee that it can work across Bombardier’s businesses worldwide, and all its accredited subcontractors, in terms of shot peening.
Winoa also has the satisfaction that is has proved the expertise of its manufacturing process and is benefiting its subsidiaries with a worldwide collaboration with a leader whose reputation is unquestionable.