Parts inspection shot blasting services

Upgrade your blasting operations

Consulting: dedicated to reducing your blasting costs

Beyond just abrasives

Blasting operations:

A blasting process is complex and goes above and beyond the simple question of abrasives used. Numerous parameters come into account, such as machine and abrasives’ type or the process itself. Our experts begin with a simple diagnostic of your existing process on your site and guide you to optimize it while reducing your costs.

What does it mean concretelly?

One of our Technical Engineer will spend one full day to expertise your blasting process and will tell you what is right and what should be improved and how to do it. Following this technical expertise a technical report using a wide range of modern tools will be edited and an offer of improvement will be submitted.

blasting operations

3 phases to improve your process

Expert Advice for Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

On-site diagnosis

Full expertise of your blasting process to evaluate and understand your situation and submit corrective actions.


Based on the diagnosis of customer process, our experts propose overall improvements from the choice and use of abrasives to blasting operations and equipment to be more efficient and cost effective.


Apply and translate into real benefits the submitted improvement plan.

A recognized expertise

Raising the bar in services

11 %
Average of reduction on your blasting operation
customers have already optimized their costs
from around the world work with us

Our total cost operations approach

Expert Consulting to Optimize Your Blasting Operations

We aim to decrease your blasting operations costs and developed a specific mobile application to achieve it: the WA COST. The easiest part to evaluate is the cost of the abrasive, but this represents only a small percentage of the total blasting costs. The largest part, the operational cost, is not visible, that is why our technology takes in consideration your overall process: manpower for maintenance, manpower for blasting, waste, spare parts, wear parts, energy. Our Technical Engineers are trained to use this software which will provide you an accurate analysis of your blasting cost and will help you to focus on the most profitable part to generate real savings.

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Blasting Operations Total Reduction approach

Tools & methods

On-Site Assessments

KOVOBRASIV Mnisek Technologies

Hot spot checking with a thermal camera

Air separator adjustment

Shot Blasting operations wheelblast machine amp

Wheel amperage optimization

WA Clean surface measuring instrument

Cleanliness evaluation after blasting operations

Consulting & formations

Training your production and maintenance teams to understand the proper functioning of the machine and keep the right settings

WA Clean: measure your cleanliness accurately

Our exclusive technology

This patented technology, easy to use, is the ideal way to evaluate and check the cleanliness of a blasted surface in accordance with international standards, independently of any human interpretation. It reads, quantifies and archives the degree of surface cleanliness you have achieved.

WA CLEAN technology allows you to reduce your blasting costs and ensure the best coating performance through:

  • Objective and repeatable cleanliness controls
  • Reduction of re-blasting via immediate identification of process deviation
  • Reduction of over-blasting via an accurate monitoring of the cleanliness level

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A comprehensive range to be one step ahead of your competitors

Shot blasting services

At each step of your process, for each of your industrial or financial stakes, you have a solution via W Care ! Our dedicated shot blasting services team of experts will assist you in addressing challenges such as:

After Blasting Brake Disc


Whether it is for a new process or solve a specific problem our expertise is at your service to find the right solution without disrupting your production line. Secure your business!

  • In house trials
  • On site trials
  • Concrete assessment

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Training Teams on Shot Blasting Operations


Develop your teams! We help you to increase your knowledge on blasting processes and operations through on-site and practical training tailored to your needs.

  • Airblasting
  • Wheelblasting
  • Shot-peening
Wheelblasting Machine Replacement

Maintenance & Repairs

Avoid downtime: we maintain, repair and service your equipment with scheduled interventions or according to your needs. Our services also include parts replacements and annual service contracts.  

  • Preventive & curative maintenance 
  • Planned equipment inspection  
  • Parts replacement  
KOVOBRASIV Mnisek Experts

Machine upgrade

Need to upgrade your system or add specific equipment to an existing installation? We are ready to guide you and help you choose the most efficient solution. Let’s prepare tomorrow together!  

  • Machine analyzing  
  • Defining your needs  
  • Making the proper choice 

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