Winoa Polska

Winoa Polska


WINOA POLSKA Sp. z o.o. 

Ul. Krasińskiego 29     40-019 Katowice
Tel. +48 32 785 92 01 … 2

Winoa Polska

General description

Winoa Polska is the Polish branch of the Winoa group – the leader of abrasives for blasting, such as: high-carbon steel shot, stainless steel shot or cut wire.

The high requirements of customers using surface preparation are met by the following products manufactured by us: 

  • W Abrasives media – We offer Standard media and specialized Premium media. 

    Both are available has spherical and sharp-edged shots (grit), made of high-carbon cast steel 

  • STELUX shot – spherical and sharp-edged stainless abrasives:

Spherical group C chrome shot 

Spherical chromium-nickel shot of the CN group 

Sharp-edged CG group chrome shot 

  • We also offer steel cut wires of various grain sizes, hardnesses and degrees of rounding, used for surface hardening (Peening). 

At your disposal we have: 

  • Two commercial and technical traders working in the field 
  • Two ladies working in the office
  • Technician equipped with specialized tools  
Winoa Polska

Our mission

  • Optimize the blasting processes of our customers. 
  • Our experts in the field provide practical assistance and training. 
Winoa Polska


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