High Efficiency Premium Shot Blasting Abrasive

A dedicated approach

Elevate your operations

We, at Winoa, aim to offer our customers higher value-added solutions by supplying high-quality products and related technical services, provided by skilled sales teams benefiting from support from experts, the technical and training centers, and exclusive tools, methods and resources for measuring the efficiency of the blasting processes used.

Our exclusive combination of Premium abrasive products ensures better performance than standard products on the market. In order to optimize your results, a Premium Service guarantees the optimal use of these products in order to obtain optimal results in terms of quality, consumption, efficiency and cost. It is a pillar of the Winoa philosophy.

The Premium range of abrasives have been developed and marketed globally, intended for four of the main traditional steel abrasive applications. Continuous research and development work involving our Research Center, the Technical Centers and our partners to ensure the regular improvement, updating and expansion of this product range.

Premium Steel Abrasives

The Premium approach: Success in 7 steps

A structured path

In order to make your transition to a “Premium” solution as successful as possible, we have developed an approach in 7 key steps. These steps reduce the risks linked to the change of abrasive, ensure optimal success, and make it possible to measure the return on investment (ROI – Cost savings). These steps are:

  1. Verification and upgrading of equipment.
  2. Cost reduction offer: assessment of potential benefits, common objective, price agreement.
  3. Tests in a Tech Center: validation of results, gaining customer confidence, adjustment of parameters.
  4. Industrial test phase: regular monitoring by a W Care™ technical expert.
  5. On-site training: ensuring successful project implementation and shared goals.
  6. Continue Process Evaluation: follow-up, refinement, confirmation of the partnership and commitment of the client.
  7. Production review, Report & ROI Assessment: evaluation of real benefits, confirmation of expected improvements, extension to other installations, etc.
Premium Steel Abrasives

Our different types of high efficiency premium media

Tailored for Every Blast Market & Application

To help you achieve optimum performance, we have designed premium media for the  majority of blast markets and applications. Discover our premium products by application: 

Premium steel abrasives for preparing, cleaning or deburing


PROFILIUM™ is a very hard steel grit, specially developed for air blasting applications. Since the particle size distribution of the new product is that of a ready-to-use working mixture, the frequency and amount of abrasive additions will have little or no effect on the profile result: a homogeneous surface profile is obtained. In terms of efficiency, PROFILIUM® is unequaled on the market.

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Premium Steel Abrasives


High Performance Grit (HPG) is a steel grit specially designed to improve blasting performance in foundries and forges. It works faster and lasts longer. Its ability to remove and clean sands, resins or scale is unmatched.

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Premium Steel Abrasives

Hybrid Shot™

It has been specifically developed to meet the new demands for desanding in foundries and descaling in forges and wire drawing works. By reducing machine wear, it helps to reduce maintenance costs and, at the same time, achieves outstanding cleaning performance.

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Premium Steel Abrasives


STAINIUM™ is specially developed for descaling applications when low roughness is required at the end of the process. Particularly available in fine grades, STAINIUM® provides a stable working mix for a consistent surface finish.

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Premium Steel Abrasives


This 100% grit abrasive has been developed to offer the best compromise between surface profile and media consumption. Its specific hardness ensures a stable surface profile and reduces dust levels. SURFIUM is specially designed for the Energy sector and specifically for OCTG and for surface preparation before coating.

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Premium Steel Abrasives


PROWHEELIUM® is a Ready-to-use steel grit operating mix with a very narrow hardness  range for surface preparation before coating, painting, enameling and metallizing. It has been specially developed for customers using the GH hardness grit in wheel machines. PROWHEELIUM® significantly reduces machine wear and abrasive consumption.

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