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High standards cut wire at all levels

Commitment to Excellence

What all our customers are striving for, all over the world, regardless of their sector of activity? To have service, tools and technologies and cut wire media that meet the highest requirements, in which they can have complete confidence. 

As the market reference in surface preparation media, W Abrasives guarantees its “cut wire” products a high level of performance in terms of : 

  • Durability & product lifespan 
  • Quality with a homogeneous microstructure
  • Consistency in hardness & particle size
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What characterizes our cut wire shot

Market-Leading Performance

Cut wire shot pellets are produced by cutting a steel wire into lengths equal to the diameter of the wire. For shot peening operations, the cut wire pellets are rounded (or conditioned) to eliminate sharp edges that could damage the shot peened parts. 

Available in 2 grades, our High Durability cut wire is a specially heat-treated blasting media that will help you save money with its extended life and quality manufacturing, while ensuring the best performance from your blasting process. 

Our cut wire products are characterized by 4 main properties: 

Size From 0.3 to 2.5 mm 

Conditioning level from G1, G2 and G3 

Hardness from 300 to 800 Hv 

Metallurgy: available in Carbon steel, Alloyed steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum…. 

High Durability Cut Wire peening

Your benefits using Winoa's HD cut wire shots

Elevate Your Shot-Peening Operations

The highlights of our HD wire cut range lie in 4 main points: 

  • Cost-efficiency 

Thanks to its unique heat-treatment process, High-Durability Cut Wire shows an extended life of  

+30% compared to conventional cut wire shot, leading to more cost-efficient shot-peening operations.  

  • Ecofriendly 

+30% life means reduced wastes output for your machine, making your shot-peening process more ecofriendly than ever!  

  • Quality 

Top notch quality product, made in Japan by Toyo Seiko company. It is able to deliver a stable peening effect thanks to its highly consistent particles size and hardness. 

Cut Wire

Winoa's cut wire shot for different markets & applications

Shot peening at its best

Road transportation segment represents more than 80% of the cut wire market. But our products can also be used in :




Oil & Gas

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We also offer and manufacture other blasting media for your peening needs, such as ceramic beads, glass beads, or Ultra fine shots 

Adhering to Industry standards

Keeping Pace with Evolving Market Needs

Meeting Key Standards

The market of cut wire shot evolves regularly, both to accompany the new needs of our customers, and to meet the specific requirements in terms of peening shot. 

We find 6 main standards of cut wire that we produce to: 

Automotive Applications:

  • VDFI 8001 issued by German Spring Association : Peening media : cut wire shots  
  • SAE J441 issued by SAE International : cut wire shot for vehicle surface   

Aerospace Applications:

  • 3 for aerospace applications
  • AMS 2431/3 (AWCR) : conditioned carbon steel cut wire shot – Regular hardness
  • AMS 2431/8 (AWCH) : conditioned carbon steel cut wire shot – High hardness
  • AMS 2431/4 (AWS) : conditioned stainless steel cut wire shot  
  • All issued by SAE International  

Your Industrial Challenges, Our Solutions

But some customers use their own standard, because of the specificities of their production, or the niche markets they address. The scope of application is not the same for each standard. To provide the best performance and reliability, work with our teams to precise which standard is needed and should be applied. 

Whatever your constraints, you will find at WINOA a precise answer to your industrial challenges. 

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