Our commitments

Equity - Respect - Diversity

Our commitments

Wherever Winoa operates, we comply with social legislation, particularly minimum wages, working hours, holidays… Quality social dialogue is in place in our Spanish, Slovenian and French factories, as well as in our German commercial office. We finally encourage local initiatives to work towards the comfort of everyone and leave it to local teams to deploy tailor-made actions and agreements on our sites and the environmental ambitions.

Beyond legal obligations, Winoa commits to its teams to provide more: 


All Winoa employees are subject to equal treatment.


Each individual is treated with respect, courtesy, and kindness.


Regardless of one’s origin, gender, style, job, everyone is treated in the same manner.

Our « ESG » Strategy


The “ESG” (E: environment, S: social, and G: governance) strategy is important for Winoa’s growth plan. The environmental pillar is described in an ambitious commitment charter, especially for reducing our carbon footprint “The Green Pledge”. This commitment is made available to all our partners, aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050.

The social pillar is covered by this policy as well as by a Health & Safety policy that protects all our collaborators. To access our Health & Safety policy, visit MyWinoa section “Safety”.

Finally, our governance is served by a strong commitment: our code of conduct and ethics. Our ambition is to support the transformation of Winoa and its international growth, to be recognized as a high-quality employer who drives motivated, talented, and committed teams for a better and sustainable world.

Our commitments

Safety - my choice

Winoa Safety

Our utmost priority is to allow all staff and occasional visitors to move around our sites under optimal hygiene and safety conditions. Safety must be a prerequisite before any other task we must perform.

To consult our group’s policies, the various obligations governing us, and our actions undertaken to improve our safety,  Discover

Our commitments

From ethics to compliance


Our integrity, our compliance culture, and our reputation are essential for Winoa. Our ethical vision of business is apparent in the way we operate daily worldwide, and we have a reputation for acting honestly and fairly with our employees, our customers, and all our other partners.

To consult our group’s policies, the various obligations governing us, and download our various codes of conduct, Discover

Our commitments

Our environmental ambitions


Committed to leading the green solution in our industry: as a global leader, we play a key role in our business to establish sustainability standards. From objectives to concrete actions, learn more about our environmental commitments and our goal to be carbon-neutral by 2050 for the production of steel abrasives.

To consult our policies, our actions and our “Green Pledge”, as well as to download our various codes of conduct and documents, Discover

Our commitments