Hybrid Shot / Foundry

Premium mix for low machine wear in desanding operations 

HYBRID SHOT was developed specifically to address new demands for desanding in foundries and descaling in forges and wire drawing plants. By reducing machine wear it helps to reduce maintenance costs while at the same time achieving remarkable performance in terms of cleaning 

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Hybrid Shot_Abrasives

Users benefits

Users benefits

High rebounding capacity

High efficiency

Improved stability of operating mix

Specific heat treatment



#1 Cost & Maintenance Reduction 

  • Reduced machine wear and parts consumption 
  • Improved process stability due to longer lasting operating mixing
  • Controlled and regular surface profile

#2 Cleaning Performance 

  • Improved parts cleanliness, including complex shapes 
  • Increased cleaning efficiency compared to High or Low Carbon steel shot

#3 Consumption 

  • Longer abrasive life compared to round steel shot
  • Reduced power consumption for shot blasting (ISO 14001)

Markets and applications

Markets and applications

Hybrid shot

Desanding & Descaling 

Hybrid shot

Cast steel & cast iron foundries 

Hybrid shot


Hybrid shot

Automotive castings

Hybrid shot

Equipment goods 

Hybrid shot

Construction castings 



Product name HY 020 HY 040 HY 060 HY 080 HY 100
Nominal size (Sieve #) 1,7 mm


1,4 mm


1,18 mm


1,00 mm


0,85 mm


Hardness Specific hardness : 45 – 49 HRC
Density AbsoluteApparent

≥ 7 g/cm3≥ 4 g/cm3

Chemical composition C ≥ 0.80% , Si ≥ 0.40% , 0.6% ≤ Mn ≤ 1.2% , S ≤ 0.05% , P ≤ 0.05%
Shape Round and Angular (new), elliptical (operating mix)
Packaging BOXED BAGS
1000 kg (2,205 lb)
40 bags of 25 kg (55 lb) per pallet

1000 kg (2,205 lb)

1000 kg, 771 kg

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Resources & downloads

Resources & downloads

Leaflet Hybrid Shot Brochure