HR Policy

Our HR Policy

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HR policy and strategy are essential for the success of the organization.
We have structured Winoa HR policy in 5 pillars to outline our main targets.

Recruitment and Talent Management

Our vision

Establish a structured recruitment process to target top talent in the industry

Identify required skills and experience and develop job descriptions and specifications

Use a range of sourcing methods such as online job boards, professional networks, and employee referrals

Have a clear talent management plan that includes training and development programs, regular performance reviews, and career progression opportunities

“I was very pleasantly surprised by the hospitality and kindness of the people I met during my onboarding.”

– Ahcène BOUTATA (Finance, Corporate), a recent addition to Winoa’s team

Employee Benefits and Rewards

Our mission

Offer competitive employee benefits aligned with industry standards which covers health and wellness program, retirement plans, remote working policy and paid time off

Provide performance-based rewards to motivate employees with a strong bonus policy

“I followed a personal development program that allowed me to think about my goals and values. Four months of energizing and rewarding training rich in human interaction, where introspection and visibility… are the best tools for unleashing our leadership. Lively but powerful!”

– Anne RENAVAND, France

Workplace Culture and Diversity

Our values

Foster a positive workplace culture that encourages diversity and inclusion with a welcoming and inclusive work environment

Celebrate diversity through employee resource groups and cultural events

HR Policy

Performance Management

Have a structured performance management process that includes regular feedback and coaching, goal setting, job performance and objectives measurement

Employee Engagement

Provide regular opportunities for feedback, recognition, and career development

Promote open communication and transparency at all levels

Encourage employee participation in decision-making processes

HR Policy

“I’m taking on the duties of France Accounting Manager after five years with the team as a General Accountant.”

– Delphine VIDAL, France

This desire allows us to make our vision, our mission and our values a reality.