Metallic and conditioned Cut Wire

Boost the performance of your processes 

Cut Wire is a high-quality abrasive made by cutting wire into lengths equal to the wire diameter. This unique manufacturing process results in a mono grain size abrasive with a long service life, even at high blasting velocities. The as-cut quality is ideal for specific foundry and desanding applications, while conditioned cut wire is mainly used in shot peening applications for industries such as Automotive & Trucks, Oil & Gas, General Industry, and Aerospace. 

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Users benefits

Users benefits


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Higher Energy 

With very few flaws, cracks and voids, metallic cut wire has the advantage of having a very high density compared to traditional shot, giving them more impact energy, which results in faster cleaning, peening or blasting. 

Low breakage 

Cut Wire’s manufacturing process produces little or no defects, resulting in reduced media consumption, reduced media rejects, and a lower risk of surface contamination, product impingement, and surface dust. 

Constant intensity 

The performance of shot blasting is not only measured at an instant “T”, but by the regularity of the process. With longer lasting abrasives, your operational mix will be more stable over time, increasing overall process efficiency, including blast pattern, filtration system and finished product consistency. 

Very high hardness available  

A wide range of hardnesses is available, even going up to 800 HV, making Cut Wire ideal for all cleaning and peening processes. 

For all your needs 

Our wide range of Cut Wire abrasives is available in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, or any other metal, from 0.25 mm to 3 mm in diameter, from very hard to extremely soft, making it the perfect solution for all your blasting and peening needs. 

Cut Wire Peening media

Markets and applications

Markets and applications



Oil & Gas

Conditioning levels

Conditioning levels

Cut wire is typically available at various conditioning levels. Conditioning improves its durability, but also makes sure to reduce risks of denting parts.  

The characteristics of the 4 conditioning levels are : 

CW – As Cut
G1 – Single Conditioned (CCW)
G2 – Double conditioned (DCCW)
G3 – Spherically conditioned SCCW) 

Overall, the level of conditioning for cut wire will depend on your specific application and requirements. By choosing the right level of conditioned cut wire, you can ensure that you are using the most effective and efficient abrasive for your particular needs. 

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Cut Wire



Below you will find the range available as standard of our Regular Cut Wire shot media. Other dimensions, hardness, and specifications available on request.

CUT WIRE Technical Data Sheet 
Product name & 
Nominal size (Sieve #) (Other sizes available upon request) 







0.3mm diam 

0.35mm diam 

0.4mm diam 

0.5mm diam 

0.6mm diam 

0.7mm diam 

0.8mm diam 








0.9mm diam 

1.0mm diam 

1.2mm diam 

1.4mm diam 

1.6mm diam 

1.8mm diam 

2.0mm diam 

Available Specifications  VDFI8001 – ISO11124-1 – AMS2431/3 – AMS2431/8 – SAE J441 

Other specifications upon request 

Chemical composition available  High-carbon Steel 

Low-carbon Steel 

Stainless steel 302, 304, 430 

Aluminum CW 

Zinc CW 

Other chemistries upon request 

Hardness Range 


45-52 HRc (AMS) – 55-62 HRc (AMS) 

450 HV up to 830 HV 0.5/1 

Other hardness ranges upon request 

Hardness Range 

(Stainless steel) 

200 – 300 HV  

Other hardness ranges upon request 

General shape  CW – As Cut  

CCW – Single Conditioned (G1) 

DCCW – Double Conditioned (G2) 

SCCW – Spherically Conditioned (G3) 

Packaging  Typically: 25kg bags on pallet – 900 kg steel drum – 1000 kg big bag 

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Resources & downloads

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