Wheelblasting Machine Replacement

Shotblast Machine Maintenance, Repair and Service

Machine downtime can be avoided with a good maintenance program

machine maintenance

Machine maintenance:

We all know that downtime and breakdown of equipment and machinery is one of the biggest cost for industries, and so is in the process of shot blasting.

So, to support our customers, we have set up a W Care™ team to carry out service, maintenance and repair of your airblast and wheelblast machines.

The end result: reduced operating and blasting costs.

As you know, the benefits of a good maintenance program are many, including:

  • Reduced downtime
  • Stabilization of blasting processes
  • Increased cleaning efficiency
  • Less rejection of poorly sanded parts
Wheelblasting Machine Replacement

The scope of our know-how and expertise

machine maintenance

Our specialty: shot blasting equipment dedicated to surface preparation & cleaning.

Thus, our W Care teams can help you to:

  • Control the critical parts of the shotblast machines, from the Wheel blast turbines and their components (blades, control cage, impellers) to the shot conveyor system (worm screw, bucket elevator, rotary screen, bearings) to the good functioning of the airwash or magnetic separator
  • Maintain your cabinet to avoid perforation and rebuilding costs that could become expensive
  • Maintain your dust collector for an efficient process thanks to the conservation of good air flows, and a healthy and safe environment
Blasting operations wheelblasting machine, shotblast machine maintenance

Preserve the value of your shot blasting machine and systems

Shotblast machine

Thanks to the expertise and know-how of our W Care teams, we can offer you complete “Turnkey” projects which include Parts, Machine upgrades, job supervision, installation, fine tuning and optimization after start-up, training & complete maintenance programs.

Specifically, we can help you with the following services:

  • Hot spot settings
  • Air separator adjustment
  • Cleanliness and blasting improvement
  • Wheelblast machine and parts replacement
  • Control of blast machine components like conveyor, elevator, screws
  • Dust collector leak check and filter maintenance and replacement…
Shotblast machine

Maintenance programs

Shotblast machine

In order to specifically meet your servicing needs, our W Care team has created a full range of services and programs for the maintenance of your shotblast equipment:

Urgent troubleshooting:

our teams can travel within 48 hours to carry out most of your repairs

Analyses & work inspection program:

a control of the work is carried out, followed with a complete estimate, list of parts to be replaced, and work to be carried out 

Preventive maintenance program:

we schedule with your maintenance and production teams a series of preventive inspections, maintenance and replacement of parts to improve uptime and complete the repairs during appropriate time.

Predictive maintenance program:

we know that a shot blast machine is self-destroying, we can therefore be proactive and avoid bad surprises. Let’s avoid to maintaining and repairing your blast machines when you need it running. Our team will prepare with you a comprehensive predictive program in order to maintain, replace the critical parts and realize the work to be done.

Machine maintenance

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A comprehensive range to be one step ahead of your competitors

machine maintenance

At each step of your process, for each of your industrial or financial stakes, you have a solution via W Care ! Our dedicated shot blasting services team of experts will assist you in addressing challenges such as:

Parts inspection shot blasting operations


Tailored solutions and expertise: we team up with you to offer customized advice to improve blasting parameters. We audit your process and equipment to propose adapted solutions.

  • On-site diagnosis
  • Recommendations
  • Savings

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After Blasting Brake Disc


Whether it is for a new process or solve a specific problem our expertise is at your service to find the right solution without disrupting your production line. Secure your business!

  • In house trials
  • On site trials
  • Concrete assessment

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Training Teams on Shot Blasting Operations


Develop your teams! We help you to increase your knowledge on blasting processes and operations through on-site and practical training tailored to your needs.

  • Airblasting
  • Wheelblasting
  • Shot-peening

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W Care consulting services

Machine upgrade

Need to upgrade your system or add specific equipment to an existing installation? We are ready to guide you and help you choose the most efficient solution. Let’s prepare tomorrow together!

  • Machine analyzing
  • Defining your needs
  • Making the proper choice

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Articles and tips

From our expert

Shotblast machine

To help increase your knowledge of blasting maintenance, we’ve put together a series of articles and reference materials here, including an important daily checklist form for maintaining and optimizing your blasting equipment. Do not hesitate to contact one of our experts to schedule a training or an inspection.