Long-standing expertise in Shot Peening Media

Long-standing expertise in Shot Peening Media

Enhanced Component Life

Shot peen is used in blasting operations. It is a cold working process in which the surface of a workpiece is bombarded with small spherical particles to remove residual tensile stresses and/or add compressive stresses to the workpiece.  

As a result, the use of shot peen increases the life of many components by eliminating residual tensile stress and resisting applied tensile stress.  

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The most common types of media used in shot peening are available

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Winoa's expertise in shot peening

Designed for effective shot peening

WINOA is the international leader in its market and offers unique expertise in products, services and technologies dedicated to shot peen. Shot peening is a high-value activity, certainly the most technical of all metal abrasive applications.  

It is very important to know and control the blasting media used in order to: 

  • Meet the specified requirements  
  • Maintain a constant intensity 
  • Prevent damage to the surface 

Hence the importance of working with the leading player in shot peen products for many years!  

WINOA’s expertise and know-how are key factors of success to reach the high level of requirements you expect, for all your industrial peening applications, including the most demanding. 

Peening solutions

Nature of shot peen media

Media offerings

Shot peening is highly advantageous when:  

– shot peening induces a large magnitude localized compressive stress to compensate for the stress concentration factor created by these geometric changes.  

– compressive stress is directly correlated to the tensile strength of the material, the higher the tensile stress, the more compressive stress can be induced. 

Hard/high strength metals tend to be more brittle and susceptible to notching. These conditions can be overcome by shot peen, allowing these metals to be used under fatigue conditions.  

Among others, these are the most common treated materials by shot peening: 

  • Carburized steels  
  • Decarburized steels  
  • Austempered Ductile Iron  
  • Cast Iron  
  • Aluminum Alloys  
  • Titanium  
  • Magnesium 

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Peening media category

Shot peen applications

To extend the lifespan of components

Shot peening is used in many critical operations, which guarantee the performance and longevity of the treated parts. Our experts will be able to support you for all these applications: 

– Bending fatigue  

  • Gears  
  • Connecting rods  
  • Crankshafts

Torsional fatigue  

  • Compression springs  
  • Torsion bars  
  • Drive shafts 

– Fretting failure

  • Pitting  

– Corrosion failure  

  • Corrosion fatigue  
  • Stress corrosion cracking  
  • Intergranular corrosion 
Peening media category

Other applications

More to discover

Peen forming :

  • The preferred method of forming aerodynamic contour into aircraft wing skins. Residual compressive stress acts to elastically stretch the peened side. Coverage is not a critical parameter.

Contour correction:

  • t can be used to correct unfavorable geometry conditions. This is achieved by shot peening selective locations of the parts. Examples of contour correction are: Driveshaft/crankshafts straightening / Roundness correction of ring shaped geometries / Welding distortion correction / Aircraft wing stiffener adjustment 

Thermal fatigue 

Axial fatigue 

Peening media category

Shot peening dedicated service and tools offered

More Than Just Peening Media

In addition to offering a full line of peening media, we offer parts, tools and service that will help you with your peening process

Parts and tools offered to complement our peening line:

  • Coverage rate : Coverage strips, WA Pack, coverage rate simulator
  • Almen Intensity : Almen strips, WA Pack including Almen gauge, Almen saturation curve solver 
  • Roughness : Perthometer for roughness level measurement 
  • Residual Stress : Possibility of outsourcing residual stress analysis for our customers, Residual stress simulator 

Shot peening services offered by W Care teams: 

  • Peening process training & know-how
  • Optimization of peening equipment to reduce costs
  • Partnerships for process improvement 
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