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A company with such a long history, known all over the world, has necessarily developed on strong, customer-oriented pillars.

Because always offering new solutions, to customers who are themselves constantly innovating, is a key part of our DNA. Commitment to our customers, to the development of our teams, and to the respect of the environment is what drives us.

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By your side, for your industrial challenges

For more than 60 years...

No matter your industry, location, or specific application, we provide shot blasting solutions to make your processes more reliable.

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W Abrasives

Range of complete abrasive media developed to provide the most suitable solution to your needs.

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W Care

Spectrum of services dedicated to supporting and guiding each customer for improving their use of steel abrasives and overall blasting process. 


W Tech

Complementary tools and technologies dedicated to analysing and improving your blasting process and results. 


Commitments that make sense

Environmental, Ethics, Health & Safety

We manufacture abrasives, we continuously innovate, and we provide quality services to our customers. But not at any cost.

For WINOA, business success is necessarily combined with respect for the integrity and safety of our employees. Also, we apply strict rules in terms of ethics and compliance. Because our reputation is essential, if we intend to remain a reference in our markets for a long time to come.

Our commitments

Commitments - Code de conduite

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Human Resources

The well-being of our employees is important to us. To do this, we have developed strong human resources policies as well as values that we constantly work on, implement and cherish with all of our employees.
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Our locations & service centers

From Brazil to India, from Spain to Indonesia... Explore

One of the strengths of our group is the proximity to our customers, both in terms of technical support, sales teams and abrasive production sites.
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