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Abrasive media

A complete range of metallic and non-metallic abrasives

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Every blasting media you need, everywhere in the world!

Among the metallic abrasives for shot blasting produced in our 8 plants, we find: high carbon cast steel shot & grit, low carbon steel shot, cast iron media, stainless steel abrasives, and cut wire shot.
WINOA also offers a range of non-metallic abrasive media, dedicated to specific surface treatment.
Our mission: to enable our customers to reduce their costs, while maximizing their operational performance.

Abrasive media

Discover our range of renowned abrasives products

Shot blasting abrasives media

The efficiency of your shot blasting process relies on the quality of our blasting media & the know-how of our commercial and support teams.
Using our high performance or our Premium abrasives means choosing to produce faster, spending less energy.

To leave nothing to chance in your surface treatment, rely on our 60 years of expertise:  



A cost-efective solution for steel shot blasting, due to its toughness and high recyclability.

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Iron-Free surface media dedicated to cleaning of non-ferrous metals, stainless steel castings or forgings.

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Premium Steel Abrasives


Exclusive combination of a Premium steel product and Premium service to obtain better results in terms of quality, performance and costs.

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Cut Wire


Made of drawn wire, available in carbon steel, stainless, zinc and other alloys, normally used in Peening, cut wire is the most durable media option.

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Wide range of products available from soft medias like plastics, to not as aggressive for smooth and bright finishes like Glass beads, to the superior hardness of aluminum oxides.

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Peening Media


Mainly used in shot-peening application, we offer optimized product characteristics to enhance peening efficiency, optimum stress level and preservation of surface integrity.

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Key figures

Production facilities worldwide
100 %
Of our steel & stainless steel shot are recyclable
Tons produced daily

5 applications

The great expertise of our teams in steel shot blasting media covers all the strategic applications you need

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Desanding and descaling works mainly used in foundries

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Surface treatment before coating. Descaling of forged parts

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The most technical of blastingmedia applications

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Stone and granite media, used for cutting blocks with gangsaw

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Various including Ballast, Radiation shielding, cored wire, incinerator cleaning system.

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Why trust Winoa for your abrasive media shot blasting needs ?

As a pioneer and world leader in surface treatment, we are constantly investing to stay ahead of the market.

Our goal is to ensure that our customers benefit from the latest advancements in blasting abrasives !

Results: improved performance and efficiency!


WINOA operates 8 production sites around the world, for cutting-edge logistics


Producing close to your plants drastically reduces transport costs


In both stable quality products and reliable deliveries anywhere in the world


Permanent R&D to provide products that perfectly meet the new expectations of our customers


Confrmed experts mastering the whole range of markets, for «preparing tomorrow’s surfaces»

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Our responsible and sustainable commitments 

We’re committed to environmental innovation and have set an ambitious goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. We use only recycled steel scrap for our shot production and all our in-house produced products are designed to be completely recyclable and reusable, helping to reduce our environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.


Discover our Green Pledge

Achieving carbon neutrality

To achieve carbon neutrality, we are moving forward on a number of directions in the areas of water use, waste re-use, and people behaviour, including:

  • all our production sites worldwide are ISO 14001 certified
  • we are running a ISO 50001 program
  • we already capture 99% of emitted dust particules
  • heat recovery systems
  • energy efficiency of HTS
  • gas to electricity conversion
  • reduced NOX emissions
  • e-car policy and paperless offices
  • closed loop water circuits
  • self-generated electricity
  • CO2 capture technologies

Download our Green Pledge Roadmap