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Via Como, 1 – 20834 Nova Milanese (MB) Italy 

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General description

Winoa Italia

Winoa Italy, with the W Abrasives® brand, supply metal abrasives designed to offer the best possible result in your sandblasting process.

We are always ready to work with our customers to meet the rigorous requirements of the surface preparation and cleaning industry by supporting all types of blasting operations: desanding, deburring, descaling, shot peening, surface preparation before painting or coating as well as granite cutting.  

Furthermore, with the services of the W Care package, Winoa Italy is able to optimize the costs of the shot blasting process for the customer by considering all the elements involved: labour, blasting machines, maintenance, spare parts, consumption, energy and waste, and obviously the type and quality of abrasive used. 

Winoa Italia

Key numbers

years on the market
million turnover



Foundation in Milan: production of cast iron grit for sandblasting with cubilotto. 


Abrasivi Metallici Industriale S.p.A is bought by 2 private individuals from Desio. 


Transfer to the Desio site: production of grits for sawing granite and marketing of other abrasive products for sandblasting. 


Reorganization of production:  

  • Desio plant: production of cast iron;  
  • Milan plant: steel production with 15 t electric arc furnace (FEA). 


Acquisition of Nuove Trafilerie di Valmadrera, producer of cut wire. 



Acquisition of MTD. Transfer of NTV to the AMI complex in Desio. 


ISO 9002 certification of Desio productions. 


Renewal of the plant with new abrasive storage solutions. 


Establishment of MILGRANDI S.p.A as the only company for commercial management of all WINOA Group brands.


Change of company name to WINOA ITALIA S.p.A. 


Change from S.p.A. a S.r.l. and Introduction of model 231 


New branding and launch of the e-commerce site 

Leading the Way in E-Commerce for Abrasives and More

Winoa E-shop

In 2021, Winoa Italy set a benchmark in the industry by launching its pioneering e-commerce platform. This innovative move was designed to cater to the increasing demand for smaller quantities of abrasives, responding to the needs of a diverse clientele seeking both flexibility and convenience.

Our e-commerce portal not only supplies a wide range of abrasives but also extends to a carefully curated selection of related products. This includes essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), various accessories, and our exclusive, patented WTech products. These offerings underscore our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions that go beyond just abrasives.

The launch of our e-commerce business is a testament to Winoa Italy’s dedication to innovation and customer service. By embracing digital commerce, we’ve made our high-quality products more accessible than ever, ensuring that our customers can easily find and purchase exactly what they need—when they need it.

Visit our e-commerce site today and discover the convenience of shopping for industry-leading abrasives, PPE, accessories, and our patented WTech products, all in one place.

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Production planning and marketing of steel shots and grits. Commercialization of glass, synthetic and minerals abrasives. 

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ISO 9001:2015 EN


ISO 9001:2015 ITA


Modello Organizzativo 231/2001-Parte Generale


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