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Contamination de surfaces metalliques

Contamination of Metal Surfaces: What are the risks?

  Surface treatments and coatings are essential methods for enhancing the functional properties of metals, particularly their resistance to oxidation and corrosion, fatigue performance in […]

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EcoVadis Silver Medal Certification

Recognizing Our Commitment to Sustainability We’re thrilled to announce our latest achievement! We have received the prestigious EcoVadis certification, recognizing our unwavering dedication to sustainability. […]

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W Care consulting services


W Care goes digital: Discover how we provide remote consulting services

It’s no secret, covid crisis has highly impacted the way we work and provide services. However, as a solid service partner, Winoa experts have found […]

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Why use Aluminum Oxide for shot blasting and surface preparation?

Aluminum oxide has long been a popular abrasive choice for sandblast and surface preparation when it is desired to avoid contamination and corrosion of parts. […]

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AMPP Surface preparation Annual Conference and Expo Image only

#Conference and Expo

New Orleans, LA, USA

AMPP – Annual conference on metallic surface preparation

In the world of industrial steel production and construction, the integrity of a project hinges on the quality of its foundation. Surface preparation is the […]

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#Customer event

Rohrmeisterei Schwerte, DE

Customer Event 2024: Revolutionizing Industrial Surface Preparation

Join us in Schwerte, DE – March 13 2024, for a Gathering of Industry Professionals and Leaders   Winoa proudly presents the SPS Customer Event […]

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IFEX 2024 Foundry Exhibition India

#Exhibition and congress

Bengalore, India

IFEX 2024 – Foundry Exhibition – India

    Dicover newest cleaning and surface solutions at IFEX 2024 Unlock the full potential of your foundry operations with our latest advancements in cleaning, […]

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Presentation of Winoa's abrasive products


Turin, Italy

GET TECHNICAL 2023: Exploration of surface preparation innovation

GET TECHNICAL 2023, organized by SPPOT and Eurotherm in Turin, stood as a pivotal moment for bicycle manufacturers and industry players. Winoa was invited as […]

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Maintenance, Servicing, Repair: How to Prevent Downtime of Your Shotblasting Machines?

You know, a halt in your production, no matter how short, has severe consequences: reduced production, financial loss, mobilization of employees, searching for the source […]

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inspection of a technical part

#cost reduction#efficiency#foundries

Blasting in Foundries: Towards cost reduction and increased efficiency

In foundries, the efficiency of abrasive blasting is essential to ensure quality, productivity, and profitability. A comprehensive approach encompassing consultation, training, adjustment of parameters, and […]

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Coating Failure Caused by Oil Contamination

#Dust#Pantatec#Surface preparation

Managing Sticky Dust in Abrasive Blasting

In the abrasive blasting industry, effective control of dust and oil contamination is paramount for efficient operations and prolonged equipment life.   Dust Challenges in […]

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