Other Specialty Metallic Abrasives

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Our Specialty Metallic Abrasives category includes a diverse selection of high-performance materials designed for various industrial applications. Whether you’re involved in cutting, forging, or blasting, our products offer superior durability, precision, and efficiency.

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Other metallic specialty abrasives

Our types of metallic abrasive media

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GRANITIUM 25 Steel Abrasive

Granite Cutting Abrasives

Our granite cutting abrasives are engineered for precision and efficiency, ensuring optimal performance in granite cutting applications. Explore the benefits and technical specifications to find the right solution for your needs.
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Cold Forge GN grit

Cold Forge Steel Media

Ideal for forging applications, our cold forge steel media provides good durability and performance. Discover how this product can enhance your blasting processes with its unique properties.

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Chilled Iron Grit

Chilled Iron Grit

Designed for blasting applications, our chilled iron grit (also called Cast iron) offers excellent hardness. Compare its features and benefits to determine if it’s the right choice for your operation.

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Other abrasive options

High Carbon Steel Shot

Steel shot

Our steel shot, high carbon, casted, manufactured under strict conditions and a unique tempering process, allows you to obtain abrasive shot with optimal resilience, low chlorides & conductivity and high fatigue resistance.

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Premium steel abrasives for preparing, cleaning or deburing


PROFILIUM™ is a very hard steel grit, specially developed for air blasting applications. Since the particle size distribution of the new product is that of a ready-to-use working mixture, the frequency and amount of abrasive additions will have little or no effect on the profile result: a homogeneous surface profile is obtained. In terms of efficiency, PROFILIUM® is unequaled on the market.

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Premium Steel Abrasives


PROWHEELIUM® is a Ready-to-use steel grit operating mix with a very narrow hardness  range for surface preparation before coating, painting, enameling and metallizing. It has been specially developed for customers using the GH hardness grit in wheel machines. PROWHEELIUM® significantly reduces machine wear and abrasive consumption.

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