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Train your teams on best blasting operations practices

Your shot blasting machines require highly trained crews

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Are you sure that all your workers have the right knowledge to use your blasting machine at the maximum of its capacities?

Thanks to W Care training programs, get the most out of your shot blasting machines:

  • Reduction of machine breakdowns
  • Perfect understanding of your machine’s interactions
  • Higher blasting quality
  • Detection of improvement areas
  • Operational training of your new employees
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Training services dedicated to your performance on shot blasting machine

Specialized Shot Blasting Training

Our experts are available to your production, quality, maintenance, business or management teams.

The goal: give to your teams the keys that will make the difference on your shot blasting performance.


Let’s meet your challenges !

Empower Your Teams

Whatever your shot blasting machines type, or cleaning processes you do, we are committed to providing you with excellence in training.

W Care trainings aim at customizing sessions that will give you the best understanding of your shot blasting machines. Our approach combines theoretical teaching and practical application, in view of developing your autonomy. As well as your industrial performance!

More performance, more profitability, savings in raw materials and energy: when the shot blasting experts partner with you, you win on all fronts.

Training shot blasting machine

Make Winoa your training partner of choice

Key numbers

Years of global experience in training
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Homemade programs
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Trainers at your service
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Elevate Your Team's Skills


Time is missing for your teams? No possibility to travel? Or your premises not allow on-site training?

We also build customized programs, around maintenance, operation, quality or optimization. Live or virtual, we are here to help. To know more :

Contact us

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Among our trainings

Mastering Wheelblasting, Peening & Air Blasting Machines

These trainings are designed for different types of employees: Unit manager, Installation manager, Maintenance technician, Quality technician, Operator. They take place at one of our Tech. Centers or your on-site.

2-step training format :

  • In-room theoretical courses on the blasting process principles and machines, to develop trainees understanding about interactions between the different blasting parameters and their influence on the final result.
  • Hands-on exercises in an industrial workshop, to experience theory through practice.

Training sessions provided by highly experienced W Care application experts.
Possibility of tailored training session in your facilities, on your own blasting equipment.

End-of-course diploma delivered to trainees.

Shot blasting machine training Almen gage

For wheelblasting and air blasting machines

Specialized Training

Unlock Maximum Performance

  • Learn how to optimize the usage of your shot blasting machines for better results.

Surface Cleaning Expertise

  • Gain insights into enhancing your surface cleaning processes for efficiency and reliability.

Choose the Right Abrasive

  • Know how to select the appropriate abrasive media for a superior blast cleaning operation.

Process Control & Analysis

  • Acquire skills to monitor and analyze the entire blasting process for continuous improvement.
  • Contact Us for customized training solutions and further inquiries.

Elevate Your Shot Peening Skills

Empower Your Team

Decode Specifications

  • Understand the requirements and how to apply them for optimal performance.

Coverage Rate Explained

  • Learn the significance and application of coverage rates in your peening process.

Almen Arc & Saturation

  • Master the concepts of Almen arc height and saturation for effective shot peening.

Operational Excellence

  • Gain practical skills to operate a shot peening installation proficiently.

Selecting Abrasive Media

  • Identify the right abrasive for your specific shot peening needs.

Analyze & Control

  • Develop expertise in controlling and analyzing your peening process for better outcomes.

Contact Us for tailor-made training and to address your specific needs.

They experienced our training programs

Real-World Results

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