HD High Durability Cut Wire

Ensure optimum shot-peening performances 

Our high-durability cut wire peening shot, manufactured by a source of high quality supplier, is a specially heat-treated shot blasting media that will save you money, thanks to its extended life and premium quality construction, in guaranteeing the best performance on the market for your shot-peening process. 

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Users benefits

Users benefits

High durability

Homogeneous hardness & particule size

CostHomogeneous microstructure




Thanks to its unique heat-treatment process, High-Durability Cut Wire shows an extended life of +30% compared to conventional Cut Wire, leading to more cost-efficient shot-peening operations.   

Low breakage

Contributes to reduce consumption, better for the environment but also reduces risks of contamination, impingement and problematic dust. 

Constant intensity

The performance of shot peening is not only measured at an instant “T”, but consistency of the process is essential. With longer lasting media, your operating mix will be stable over time, resulting in more consistent intensity. 

Very high hardness available

Only known available product with a hardness of 800 HV ! 

For all your needs

From 0.25mm up to 3mm in diameter, and from 800HV to as low as 150 HV (Extremely soft), our wide range of high durability shot will be able to meet your needs. 

High Durability Cut Wire peening

Markets and applications

Markets and applications




Oil & Gas



Below you will find the range available as standard of our HD Cut Wire shot media.
Other dimensions,
hardness, and specifications available on request.
Contact one of our specialists for more details.

Size* (thou / mm) CW-12 / 0,35          CW-35 / 0,90 
CW-14 / 0,35          CW-41 / 1,00 
CW-17 / 0,40          CW-47 / 1,20
CW-20 / 0,50          CW-54 / 1,40
CW-23 / 0,60          CW-62 / 1,60
CW-28 / 0,70          CW-71 / 1,80
CW-32 / 0,80          CW-80 / 2.00
Specifications  SAE J441 – VDFI8001 – SAE AMS 2431/3D – SAE AMS 2431/8B 

D50TF11 (GEAE) 

PMC (P&W) 

Hardness* (Standard range)  45-52 HRc (SAE AMS spec.) 

55-62 HRc (SAE AMS spec.) 

610-670 HV 

640-700 HV 

670-730 HV 

Conditioning levels  G1 (CCW) G2 (DCCW) G3 (SCCW) 
Packaging  BAGS  

20 kg on 1,000 kg pallet  



500 kg 1,000 kg 



2,000 lb 


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