Blast Check Kit

Your Simple Solution for Efficient Blasting Operations

Monitor your operating mix

In the world of surface preparation and treatment, precision and efficiency are paramount. That’s why we’ve developed the Blast Check Kit, a comprehensive tool designed to optimize your blasting operations. This kit is your key to unlocking superior performance and cost-effectiveness in all your blasting projects. 

blast check kit

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What is the Blast Check Kit?

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The Blast Check Kit is a specialized toolset designed to monitor your operating mix in an accurate and straightforward process. It allows you to take a sample of your operating mix and determine the effectiveness of the blasting media. This kit provides the most valued and efficient solutions for steel abrasives customers. 

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What's included in the Blast Check Kit?


Our Blast Check Kit comes complete with: 

  • Test sieves tailored to your material size
  • A high-precision digital scale
  • A durable wire brush
  • A USB containing the Blastcheck program
  • Comprehensive instructions for Blastcheck Kit use 

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blast check kit

How does the Blast Check Kit work?


The Blast Check Kit simplifies the process of controlling your blasting operation. By using the kit’s sieves, digital scale, you can perform a detailed analysis of your abrasive operating mix. And, the Blastcheck program, included in the kit, provides suggested corrective actions to optimize your operating mix, ensuring you achieve the best possible blasting results. 


Take control of your blasting operation today with the Blast Check Kit.  

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