Granite Cutting

Granite and Stone Cutting with Our Precision Abrasives

Granite and stone cutting media 

Expertise in Granite and Stone Cutting

Granite Cutting and stone using Gangsaw requires precision, durability, and efficiency.

At our company, we have decades of experience in producing abrasives that are optimized for increased efficiency, reduced cutting losses, and lower consumption. 

We offer two product ranges for granite and stone cutting: Granitium™ and AG0™. Both ranges are manufactured using unique and specific heat treatment processes to produce a durable steel microstructure for the application, and they are screened to obtain a range of very precise and controlled grit sizes. 

To be selected according to the type and hardness of the stone or granite to be cut, these 2 products are supported by a technical team specialized in cutting.

GRANITIUM 25 Steel Abrasive


Granitium™ Steel Grit for Stone Cutting

Our Granitium™ range is a special steel grit that is dedicated to granite cutting of hard stones. Its special heat treatment allows it to increase its lifecycle and performance, resulting in less consumption and more slabs cut in a shorter amount of time.

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Granite Cutting


AG0™ Fine Steel Grit for Granite Gang-Saw Cutting

Our AG0™ range is a fine steel grit that is specifically designed for granite cutting on gang-saws. It reduces the space between two slabs by at least 1 mm, allowing for more slabs to be cut from the same granite block.

To ensure that you select the optimal product for your needs, our technical team is specialized in cutting and can provide expert advice on the type and hardness of the stone or granite to be cut. Discover the benefits of our precision abrasives for your granite and stone cutting applications today.

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Granite Cutting

Achieve a Perfect Finish

How Achieve a Perfect Finish ?

Grit blasting is the ideal solution for achieving a perfect finish on your stone and granite surfaces. By using a high-pressure stream of abrasive particles, grit blasting can effectively remove contaminants, leaving your surfaces looking clean and renewed, or create the finish and profile desired. 

We offer top-quality metallic and non-metallic grit abrasives designed to meet the unique needs of these materials. We offer a complete range, including steel grit, stainless steel grit, and aluminum oxide, each with unique properties and benefits. 

With our high-quality products and technical expertise, you can achieve the perfect finish every time.  

Contact us today to learn more about our stone and granite grit cutting or blasting abrasives. 

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