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Stainless Steel Rolls

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The Solution for Descaling Steel Surfaces: Advantages of Premium Stainium Steel Abrasive

In the demanding and challenging field of metallurgy, especially in the production of steel or stainless steel, it is essential to achieve efficient, fast, and […]

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champ eolienne

How to Limit Machine Wear? The 5 Advantages of Hybrid Shot™

Finding the perfect solution to reduce the wear and tear on shot blasting machines in foundries and cut down on the blasting costs in cleaning […]

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Winoa tech center France

Understanding Standards and Regulations in the Shot Blasting Industry

In the industrial world, shot blasting plays a crucial role in surface preparation and enhancing the mechanical properties of materials. Understanding the standards that govern […]

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Green pledge

Winoa’s Commitment to Quality: Understanding ISO Certifications in Abrasive Manufacturing

Understanding ISO standards is not just a matter of compliance; it’s also a driver of quality and efficiency in the industry. At Winoa, we have […]

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Acier inoxydable

Non-Ferrous metal surface preparation: The benefits of Stelux™ CG abrasive

How can you improve your surface preparation process while avoiding ferrous contamination? Your technical solution may be found in the range of Stelux stainless steel […]

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Hot spot Blast Pattern

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The science behind Hot Spot Adjustment in shot blasting operations

  Shot blasting is not just a mechanical operation; it’s a finely tuned process governed by technical principles. Proper adjustment of hot spots within the […]

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Contamination de surfaces metalliques

Contamination of Metal Surfaces: What are the risks?

  Surface treatments and coatings are essential methods for enhancing the functional properties of metals, particularly their resistance to oxidation and corrosion, fatigue performance in […]

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Shot Blasting Services Operating Mix


The Importance of having a Balanced Operating Mix

One of the most important variables in the process of blast cleaning metal is keeping the Operating Mix balanced and maintaining all functions of a […]

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Ensuring a successful blasting operations


Paintsquare: Ensuring a successful blasting operations

Blasting operations article:   Many factors impact your steel surface preparation, such as the type of coating, abrasive or shot blasting technique.As experts for decades, […]

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W Care consulting services


W Care goes digital: Discover how we provide remote consulting services

It’s no secret, covid crisis has highly impacted the way we work and provide services. However, as a solid service partner, Winoa experts have found […]

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L'abrasif et son fonctionnement

The Blast Media Recovery System

Blast media system : What makes blasting with steel media cost effective is that the media can be used several times before it has broken […]

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Do you have the eye to reduce your blasting costs?

Which has the highest degree of cleanliness? No More Guessing! Never get caught thinking surface “A” is cleaner than surface “B” again!    We all […]

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