The keys to shot blasting: leveraging technical centers for optimal results

Shot blasting efficiently is challenging and the operations constitute pivotal stages in various industrial sectors. They play a crucial role in the treatment of metallic components by ensuring cleaning, descaling, desanding, surface preparation, and enhancing mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, and fatigue resistance. This is why Winoa has established technical centers to test, innovate, improve and provide customized solutions for its clients in shot blasting surface treatments.


Shot blasting solutions tailored to your needs, right in your vicinity

To address the cleaning challenges faced by industries worldwide using shot blasting machines, Winoa has established five technical centers strategically located in North America, South America, Asia, and Europe. Additionally, Winoa boasts 20 qualified and specialized W Care™ technicians and engineers ready to intervene directly at your industrial sites, providing their experience and expertise.

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Why engage the technical center for your shot blasting processes?


In the field of shot blasting, precision in measurements and control of equipment are key elements to master. These installations require stable parameters because even the slightest variation can impact the quality, performance, and cost of component treatment. Well-controlled parameters ensure the repeatability of the shot blasting process and uniformity in treatment. Engaging the technical centers ensure expertise in improving these critical aspects, guaranteeing consistent and high-quality shot blasting results.

Winoa’s technical centers are here to assist our clients in optimizing industrial shot blasting processes, such as enhancing surface cleanliness and roughness profiles of components, increasing productivity, and reducing maintenance costs.

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A personalized approach to your shot blasting challenges


To enhance productivity, performance and cost efficiency, the most effective method is thorough testing. Our teams will visit your facilities to assist in addressing your shot blasting challenges. However, it’s important to note that conducting in-plant tests may impact your operations, potentially causing production halts. That’s why Winoa has established technical centers.


The advantages of Winoa’s technical centers


Engaging Winoa’s technical centers ensures conducting tests in a secure, efficient environment tailored to your needs. All tests are performed at an industrial scale on representative equipment. The technical centers boast an extensive machine park, including:

  • Airblast chambers and cabinets
  • Belt Conveyor Pass-Through machines
  • Roller Conveyor wheelblast equipment
  • Spinner hangers
  • Turntable shot blasting machine
Tech center czech republic

Moreover, all ranges of abrasives are made available to replicate your production operating mixes identically while using your machine parameters. The benefits of technical centers include conducting 100% reproducible tests and validating a solution upfront without risking production degradation or causing line stoppages.


The unique approach of technical centers


Audit and Processes

To harness the performance and advantages of Winoa’s technical centers, our teams conduct an audit of your facilities. This audit captures all your machine parameters, operating mixes, and specifications to understand your shot blasting processes and challenges. Subsequently, an action plan is established for the test procedure.

On the day of your visit, we have your reference samples that match your current production and test pieces that we will evaluate. Initially, we confirm together that, with your parameters and our equipment, we achieve the same quality as your reference pieces. Once this crucial step is validated, we can proceed to the next phase, working to enhance your shot blasting processes and meet your expectations in terms of performance, quality, production cost, and maintenance.

Technical center example abrasive evaluation

Results from the trials

All conducted tests undergo thorough analysis. Precise and technical tools, like WA Clean™, are utilized for measuring surface cleanliness, profiles and surface parameters, allowing for the objective recording and comparison of different outcomes. Comprehensive sieve kits are used to monitor the compositions of abrasive operating mixes.

WA clean

At the conclusion of the tests, a comprehensive report is generated, detailing the retults and the parameters implemented to address the challenges, including:

  • Machine parameters
  • Abrasives and operating-mixes
  • Analysis of shot-blasted surfaces (surface condition, roughness profile, cleanliness)
  • Summary and proposed action plan

Winoa’s teams conduct a techno-economic study and provide ongoing support to assist you in implementing these shot blasting optimizations.


Winoa Technical Center: More than just shot blasting trials


The technical centers are more than mere shot blasting test facilities. They serve as places of learning, exchange, and collaboration. Winoa goes beyond by offering both theoretical and hands-on training sessions.

These sessions enable participants to understand and master machine operations, initiate themselves in maintenance, optimize shot blasting processes, and comprehend the role of abrasives. They serve as a platform for exchange among professionals and industry stakeholders, where expertise is shared to innovate and anticipate the challenges of tomorrow.

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