Case studies Volvo Construction Equipment

In order to optimize their shot blasting processes, the industrial group Volvo Construction Equipment partnered with the technical center of Winoa.

This case study explains how Winoa’s technical center, with its advanced facilities and expertise, contributed to enhancing the surface profile of Volvo’s parts and reducing shot blasting time.

Introduction to Volvo Construction Equipment


Volvo Construction Equipment is one of the leading global manufacturers of construction machinery. Always at the forefront of innovation, Volvo offers a comprehensive range of solutions for the quarry and aggregates, large infrastructure projects, urban roads, road construction, earthmoving, building, demolition, recycling, industrial handling, forestry, energy, and agriculture sectors. Volvo utilizes a shot blasting process to eliminate impurities on its parts, making them more efficient and preparing them for surface treatment.



Challenges & Implemented Solutions


Volvo Construction Equipment enlisted Winoa to improve the efficiency and quality of its shot blasting processes. Trials were conducted at Winoa’s technical center under conditions and settings closely aligned with Volvo’s equipment, directly on their samples. This allowed Volvo to maintain its production chains with its own shot blasting parameters throughout the testing period.

The objective of this collaboration was to explore different abrasive solutions to enhance the surface profile of Volvo’s parts while reducing shot blasting time.

For more information and details, refer to this video recorded during the testing sessions at Winoa’s technical center in France with Volvo.




Results: Volvo & Winoa


The collaboration between Volvo and the Winoa W Care™ experts has led to significant improvements in surface profiles and shot blasting times for Volvo’s parts. The conducted trials resulted in enhanced paint adhesion with a more suitable surface profile (Peak count), a reduction in the average profile (Rz), and increased coating durability. All these outcomes were made possible through the expertise and resources available in Winoa’s technical centers.

Quote from Per-Anders Olsson, production engineer at Volvo Construction Equipment :  “ It’s an opportunity not to be missed, it’s very instructive for us.”



This partnership highlights Volvo’s innovative approach and Winoa’s technical capabilities in providing tailored solutions to improve shot blasting processes. To learn more and discover how Winoa’s technical centers can meet your needs, you can visit our services pages.




We would like to express our sincere thanks to Per-Anders Olsson, production engineer at Volvo Construction Equipment, for his participation and to his teams for their contribution to these trials and for agreeing to be filmed. Their expertise and collaboration were essential to the success of this project.


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