SURFIUM High Performance Grit

High efficiency steel grit media designed for Wheel blasting process prior to coating

Premium quality steel abrasive with a very narrow hardness range (+/- 1.5 RHC) to give a consistent surface profile for wheelblast abrasive. Developed specifically for the wheel-blasting process, it has the right level of aggressiveness to create an excellent and powerful anchor profile, while limiting machine wear and generating less dust than GH. Surfium™ will improve any coating’s durability in wheel blast processes. 

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Users benefits

Users benefits

wheelblast abrasive

Narrow hardness range: +/- 1,5 HRC

Low dust generation during blasting

Wheel-blasting specific



wheelblast abrasive

Improved coating adhesion

  • Narrow hardness range, leading to a highly consistent surface profile  
  • Reduction of dust left on parts due to the specific hardness of the product  
  • Low conductivity level (< 30 µS/cm), reducing the risks of coating blistering 

Superior Performances : generates savings compared to traditional GL abrasives

  • Significant reduction in consumption (-10 to -20%) and longer service life versus GL steel grit  
  • Reduced machine wear vs GL or GH grit 
  • Increase production speed due to an optimized blasting media process  
  • Optimum roughness (low dead-volume) providing a reduced paint consumption 
Wheelblast abrasive

Markets and applications

Markets and applications

Structural steel & construction

Metallic structures & rebars

Pipelines & Energy sector

Automated Wheelbasting Machines



wheelblast abrasive

Meet or exceed SAE J444 

Product name  SF 350  SF 600  SF 710  SF 850 
Typical size (Sieve #)  0,30 mm 


0,60 mm 


0,71 mm 


0,85 mm 


Hardness  51 – 54 HRC 
Density  > 7.3 g/cm3 
Chemical composition  C ≥ 0.80%, Si ≥ 0.40%, 0.60% ≤ Mn ≤ 1.20%, S ≤ 0.05%, P ≤ 0.05% 
General shape  Angular 
Packaging  BOXED BAGS,   

1000 kg (2,205 lb)  

40 bags of 25 kg (55 lb) per pallet  



1000 kg (2,205 lb)  




1000 kg, 771 kg 

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Case studies & news

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