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Shanghai Murga Steel Abrasive Co., LTD.

Suite 2207, Building 1, City Center, No.166 Min Hong Road

Min Hang District, Shanghai 201100, P.R. China

Tel. +86 21 5219 8877
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National sales manager: Mr. Hao Xuesong
Mob. +86 1300 319 2932

Chief service engineer: Mr. GU Jing
Mob. +86 1530 161 1983

Shanghai Murga Steel


Shanghai Murga Steel abrasive was established in 1994 with famous brand of W Abrasives / W Care / W Tech. In addition to various conventional abrasives, we can also provide customized special steel abrasives according to customers’ specific application. We usually provide customers professional technical services on sites to improve blasting efficiency, optimize surface roughness, enhance surface treatment of workpieces, reduce total operational cost and train operators. Below shares some on-site service pictures.

General description

Shanghai Murga Steel Abrasive Co., LTD. (SMS),

As a branch company of Winoa Group, takes full responsibility for all businesses in China. During the past decades, Shanghai Murga Steel Abrasives has become the most reliable abrasive supplier in Chinese Market.  

We provide you SAE steel grits and shots, Stainium mixed abrasives, AMS shots (incl. but not limited to ASR and ASH series), ES shots, USF shots, Premium abrasives, Stainless Steel shots & grits (Stelux), cut wires, Almen strips, WA Clean and other related accessories.  

Our products have been applied to a wide range of areas like steel, aviation, automobile, shipbuilding, container, manufacturing and casting, wind industry and granite cutting etc. and maintain good cooperation with some famous enterprises domestically and globally like Baowu Group, ACEE, Schaeffler, GE and Sanit-Gobain, etc. 

Our good quality products and reliable services have been widely acknowledged by customers and proved we can support to improve your processing efficiency and save cost with lower abrasives consumption.


Shanghai Murga Steel


Baowu group 

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Schaeffler group

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SMS engineer measures and analyzes surface quality of the workpiece with customer. 

SMS engineers analyze and communicate steel customer’s equipment operation condition and blasting data. 

Technician of Baosteel uses WA Clean to test the surface cleaning grade of steel pipe.

SMS engineers check the dust collection machine of sandblasting room, sieve the size of dust, and measure the airflow.


ISO9001 certification 


LCA carbon footprint certification by Baowu Group.