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Our top-quality tools and parts for the shot peening industry include Almen Gages, Almen Strips, and strip holders designed to meet and exceed industry standards. With precise measurements and reliable performance, our products are the ideal solution for optimizing your shot peening process. From A, C, and N certified Almen Strips to easy-to-use Almen Gages and convenient strip holders, we have everything you need to achieve consistent and reliable results. Explore our products today and contact us for details or purchase ! 

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Almen strips shot peening tools

Monitor your shot peening intensity

Monitor your shot peening intensity

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Our A, C, and N grade certified Almen Strips are the perfect tool for measuring the intensity of your shot peening applications. By quantifying the arc height of your peening process, our strips help you monitor and optimize your work for consistent and reliable results. Whether you’re working with any shot peening machine, our Almen Strips are a trusted and proven solution for professionals who demand the best. Discover the benefits of our certified Almen Strips for your application today.

Additional information & specifications

  • Meet the standards of Grade 2: AMS-S-13165 and SAE J442. 
  • Each Almen Strip is sold in a box with its certificate. 
  • Sold in packs of 50 units. 
  • Printed Heat # and Almen type for easy identification and tracking. 
  • Compliant with AMS 2430 and SAE J442, and we can provide quotes for meeting other specifications upon request. 
  • Box dimensions are 80 mm x 75 mm x 25 mm, making them easy to store and transport. 

Accurately measure arc height with our Almen gages

Accurately measure arc height with our Almen gages

Achieve unmatched measurement precision

Ensure precise measurement of your almen strip arc height with our reliable Almen Gages, compliant with SAE J442 standards. Our gages are designed to provide accurate and consistent readings, making them ideal for shot peening applications. With their advanced features and certified accuracy, our Almen Gages are the go-to solution for professionals who demand the best. Explore the benefits of our gages for your application today.

Technical Data: 

  • Clear and user-friendly display for easy reading. 
  • Request the WA Pack for added convenience, which includes a case, strip holders, and gauge. 
  • Material: Aluminium 
  • Dimension: h 150MM X 100MM X 58MM 

Enjoy the benefits of our easy-to-read display and comprehensive WA Pack, designed to streamline your work and simplify your measurements. 

Our durable Almen strip holders

Our durable Almen strip holders

Technical specifications

Our Almen Strip Holders are designed to provide reliable support for your Almen Strips during shot peening applications. Made of high-resistance cemented steel, our holders can be welded onto your blasting parts for added convenience and stability. With automatic digital reading and a reference flat strip included, our Almen Strip Holders are the perfect tool for streamlining your shot peening process. Explore the benefits of our durable and easy-to-use Almen Strip Holders for your application today.

Additional information 

  • Meet the industry-standard J442, ensuring reliable performance and accurate measurements. 
  • Come with screws for strip attachment, making it easy to set up and use with your Almen Strips. 
  • Each holder is delivered with a certificate of conformance, guaranteeing its quality and performance. 
  • We offer two types of Almen Strip Holders to suit your needs:  
  • Drilled Through Holes and  
  • Tapped Holes. 
  • Drilled Through Holes Almen Strip Holders feature a nut, cap screw, and washer as hardware for added stability. 
  • Tapped Holes Almen Strip Holders have threaded holes and come with a cap screw to secure the strip to the block, making it easy to use with your Almen Strips. 

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