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The Solution for Descaling Steel Surfaces: Advantages of Premium Stainium Steel Abrasive

In the demanding and challenging field of metallurgy, especially in the production of steel or stainless steel, it is essential to achieve efficient, fast, and precise results when cleaning surfaces. Your technical solution may lie within our range of StainiumTM steel abrasives, a premium W Abrasives product that includes special heat treatment, conditioning, and a unique blend of low-hardness round and angular shot.

Specific heat treatment, along with a mix of shot, enables superior performance compared to the traditional use of round shot. The results speak for themselves: the surface appearance is improved with lower and better-controlled roughness (Rz and Rmax), and abrasive consumption is reduced by 12%. Such results consequently offer an optimum quality/price ratio. These are performances that our clients worldwide experience daily in their applications, and we present the details to you here.

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What are the 3 main advantages of using StainiumTM steel abrasive?


The StainiumTM range of abrasives is specially developed to provide a precise solution for descaling stainless steel sheets before acid pickling. This usage is perfectly suited for specific environments in surface preparation within turbine shot blasting machines and represents a high-performance alternative in applications involving preparation of steel coils, springs, steel plates and sheets…

1 – Greater Cleaning Efficiency

The special blend of soft round and angular shot allows for stabilization within the machine, ensuring optimal operation. Why? Combining different grain shapes—round and angular, without any sharp edges—optimizes the impact efficiency on the surface to be cleaned.

2 – Smooth and Better-Controlled Roughness

When using StainiumTM abrasives, the results demonstrate lower roughness (Rz – lower average surface profile) and a more consistent surface finish (lower Rmax) on stainless steel. StainiumTM outperforms other abrasives in terms of execution speed, surface finish quality, and cost reduction. Up to a 15% reduction in process costs is observed at our clients’ major sites, primarily due to a decrease in material consumption.

3 – Reduction in Consumption

Indeed, the efficiency of the combination of the two types of grains leads to a lower need for shot for consistently superior results, provided that the machine has correct settings.

  • Your abrasive consumption is reduced on average by 12%.
  • Your worn shot rejects are reduced by 15%.
  • Possibility to reduce and/or eliminate your acid pickling process.

Choosing StainiumTM means choosing cost reduction coupled with high production.



A Range of StainiumTM Shot Tailored to Your Needs

The StainiumTM shot range has several unique properties and blends designed to meet the constraints and performance needs of our clients.


SM150 and SM140: Low-hardness angular shot with specific heat treatment.

The calibration and specific angular shape of the grains provide better stabilization of the operational mix in the machine for optimum surface cleaning results.

SM050 and SM040: Soft and Pre-Conditioned Shot, Free of Sharp Edges

Depending on the desired level of roughness and to prevent any damage to the surface being blasted that could be caused by abrasives with sharp edges, a solution composed of pre-rounded and low-hardness shot will provide a more suitable result.

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StainiumTM: A Premium Solution to Customer Challenges


Our technical and R&D teams place our clients’ challenges at the core of their quest for performance. Thus, a collaborative and trust-based effort is established to provide the right solution for the right application.


Improved Efficiency in Blasting Cleanliness

For one of our clients, major producers of raw steel, we recommended StainiumTM 150 (instead of S110). After verifying the machines and the shot blasting process, there was a noticeable deviation from expectations. Upon using SM150, the results were immediate:

  • Considerable improvement in cleanliness
  • Enhanced roughness
  • Optimized overall cost

Enhancement of the Shot Blasting Line

With several clients, Winoa experts gradually implemented the SM150 solution to replace the traditionally used low-carbon shot. The benefits were demonstrated in all cases:

  • Reduced roughness
  • Increased cleaning efficiency
  • Improved shot blasting line productivity

Given the advantages of Low Carbon (LC) shot and its often advocated lower consumption by major clients, our teams are working to show that due to its efficiency, StainiumTM offers lower consumption and a more cost-effective solution per square meter blasted.

Optimal Surface Profile

After several testing phases with a global steel group (shot blasting of steel and stainless steel plates), high carbon steel shot (HC) S110 was completely replaced by the StainiumTM SM150 solution. This immediate effect was due to the characteristics of this Premium shot mix, providing high cleaning efficiency and an optimal surface profile, as well as the technical advice from WCare experts and their strong commitment to improving the entire process.

Spectacular results were achieved:

  • Increased quality and stability of the roughness profile
  • Reduced defects on the final product
  • Lower consumption

Further trials are also underway on a second shot blasting line that uses low-carbon steel abrasive media. The teams are actively working to achieve similar improvements.

Training, Technical Support, Testing, and Customer Trials

In our Winoa test centers strategically located worldwide, we provide opportunities for advanced trials. These state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the latest technologies and designed to meet the highest technical requirements. We offer a controlled and secure environment for conducting tests in various fields, including electronics, automotive, aerospace, and, of course, the metallurgy domain.

Our WCare technical support teams are available to provide ongoing assistance to our clients. Whether addressing technical inquiries, resolving issues, or offering expert advice, we collaborate closely with you to understand your goals, analyze specific needs, and provide key recommendations.

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Winoa provides customized solutions for your application through specific products, technologies, and services that enhance your surface preparation process.

Whether you need to optimize your testing processes, solve complex problems, or enhance your performance, our advisory team is here to help you achieve your goals.

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