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Testing: our zero-risk concept

About our Tech. Centers

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Our Testing Services with tech centers:

Whether it is for a new process or solve a specific problem on your blasting machine or process, we are at your service to find the right solution without disrupting your production line. Our Tech. Centers are genuine industrial workshops where we can simulate all blasting processes using an extremely wide range of settings.


Testing ServicesTesting Services

Take advantage of our Tech. Centers

Testing Services

Do you need to evaluate a new blasting solution before implementing it on your own production line? Any trouble with some of your blasting machine settings?

Our 6 Tech. Centers are at your service to:  

  • Run real life trials by creating a replica of your current situation to make a reference and then switch to our product to compare the benefits. So that you have have zero risk with the parts you are blasting.
  • When the abrasive grade will be chosen we will define together the optimal future settings for your machine
  • Then once the abrasive and machine settings will be defined together, our Technical Experts will support you in your factory to adapt the new process and make the fine tunings.

Bring your parts, we will find the best solution together

Testing Services

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Wheelblast technical center

All our Technical Center are equipped with a range of machines that allow industrial scale testing, carried out by personnel who are always available to listen to and work with you on abrasive flow and projection speed, exposure to shot and movement of parts, shot-blasting time, composition of the operating mix… We are able to replicate the exact same process as yours  depending on your objectives: decrease abrasive consumption, increase productivity, improve blasting quality, reduce blasting time…

Type of machines available: 

  • Passthrough
  • Tumblast
  • Spinner Hanger
  • Air blast booth
  • Pressure Cabinet
  • WAAT Machine for durability analysis
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6 Tech. Centers according to your location

Wheelblast technical center

A comprehensive range to be one step ahead of your competitors

Testing Services

At each step of your process, for each of your industrial or financial stakes, you have a solution via W Care ! Our dedicated shot blasting services team of experts will assist you in addressing challenges such as:

Parts inspection shot blasting operations


Tailored solutions and expertise: we team up with you to offer customized advice to improve blasting parameters. We audit your process and equipment to propose adapted solutions.

  • On-site diagnosis
  • Recommendations
  • Savings

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Training Teams on Shot Blasting Operations


Develop your teams! We help you to increase your knowledge on blasting processes and operations through on-site and practical training tailored to your needs.

  • Airblasting
  • Wheelblasting
  • Shot-peening

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Wheelblasting Machine Replacement

Maintenance & Repairs

Avoid downtime: we maintain, repair and service your equipment with scheduled interventions or according to your needs. Our services also include parts replacements and annual service contracts.

  • Preventive & curative maintenance
  • Planned equipment inspection
  • Parts replacement

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W Care consulting services

Machine upgrade

Need to upgrade your system or add specific equipment to an existing installation? We are ready to guide you and help you choose the most efficient solution. Let’s prepare tomorrow together!

  • Machine analyzing
  • Defining your needs
  • Making the proper choice

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Focus on surface preparation operations

Wheelblast & Airblast technical centers