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Welcome to the New Horizons Project

Winoa New Horizons project


The New Horizon Project by Winoa is an ambitious initiative aimed at transforming the surface technology industry through innovation and sustainability.

This project underscores Winoa’s commitment to leading digital transformation and sustainable practices.

Our Vision

Leading the Industry with Innovation

At Winoa, our vision for the New Horizons Project is to lead the industry in digital transformation and sustainable practices. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of surface technology, leveraging advanced digital tools and eco-friendly solutions to meet and exceed the evolving needs of our customers.

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Digital Transformation and Innovation

Pioneering Digital Innovations

Digital innovation is a key growth path within the Winoa. Our initiatives include Augmented Reality (AR) for machine inspections, the WA Clean patented tool, the WA App portable technologies, our e-commerce platform, and significant investments in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and internal process digitalization to improve customer service.


Augmented reality for machine inspection

Augmented Reality (AR)

Used for machine inspections and training, enhancing real-time visualization and problem-solving.

blasting operations

W App and WA Clean Tools

Digital tools designed for efficient surface preparation and customer service improvement.

e-commerce Korea e-shop W Abrasives - Winoa - Go live - Seoul shot industry

E-commerce Platform

Simplifies product discovery and purchasing through digital integration with production systems.

Global Expansion and Service Enhancement

Expanding Our Global Reach

We are extending our reach and enhancing our technical capabilities worldwide. Highlights include:

  • New Shot Peening Center in Pune, India: In collaboration with 2-Effe, this state-of-the-art facility combines expertise in shot-peening and X-ray diffraction technologies, offering unmatched service quality.
  • Upgraded Technical Centers: Upgrading facilities in the USA, Brazil, Czech Republic, France, and Japan with the latest equipment and technologies to support a wide range of surface treatment processes.
  • New Products and Technologies: Expanding our product line with High Durability (HD) cut wire, Ultra Soft Shot, and Ultra Fine Shot (UFS) for precision peening and non-destructive blasting applications.
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Commitment to Sustainability and Environmental Leadership

Championing Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability is a core component of the New Horizon Project. Key initiatives include:

Renewable Energy Solar Panel

Adoption of Renewable Energy

Implementing a phased solar initiative in Slovenia and Thailand, significantly reducing our reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

Electric Thermal Treatment Ovens - Winoa France

Electric Thermal Treatment Ovens

Upgrading production equipment to reduce CO2 emissions and improve energy efficiency.

EcoVadis - Sustainability Rating

EcoVadis Certification

Continuing our investment in sustainability, we have increased our EcoVadis rating this year, maintaining our silver medal and ranking within the top 85% percentile of our industry.

Comprehensive Sustainability Agenda

Actively optimizing logistical operations, improving material efficiency, and reducing waste to meet our ambitious Green Pledge emission reduction targets.

Delivering Comprehensive Solutions

Comprehensive Solutions

As part of the New Horizon Project, Winoa developps and increases its offers to present a full range of services and products designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients:

  • W Tech Brand: High-quality tools and parts for optimal surface preparation.
  • Advanced Surface Treatment Technologies: Includes High Durability cut wire and Ultra Soft Shot.
  • Enhanced Customer Support: Expanded services in maintenance, testing and machine upgrades.
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Industry Leadership and Historical Excellence

Celebrating Our Legacy

Winoa’s extensive history in steel abrasives and surface treatment solidifies its leadership position in the industry. The company’s global presence spans over 100 countries, supported by a robust network of manufacturing plants, sales offices, and technical centers.

Discover Winoa’s Legacy

De Wheelabrator Allevard à Winoa - book - 60th annivery

Download our 60th anniversary history book 

Learn More About Our Innovations

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