AMPP – Annual conference on metallic surface preparation

AMPP Surface preparation Annual Conference and Expo

In the world of industrial steel production and construction, the integrity of a project hinges on the quality of its foundation. Surface preparation is the bedrock upon which lasting durability and flawless finishes are built. Winoa stands at the forefront of this crucial process, offering a suite of solutions, tools and abrasives that cater to every facet of surface readiness. Join us at the AMPP Conference and Expo 2024, where we’ll unveil our latest innovation in surface preparation technology.

Introducing Pantatec at AMPP: The Cutting-Edge simple solution in Surface Cleanliness

Pantatec represents our solution to the industry’s demand for pristine, oil-free surfaces that enhance coating adhesion and longevity. This unique additive redefines the blasting process, creating a flawlessly clean canvas for coatings after blasting. Pantatec’s ability to eliminate contaminants, cutting oil and lubricants improves adhesion, thereby extending the life of protective coatings. Experience Pantatec’s benefits firsthand through interactive demos throughout the AMPP Show.


The Legacy of Quality and Innovation with W Abrasives

Discover excellence embodied by Winoa through its ranges of Premium™ and Stelux™ stainless steel abrasives. These products, setting industry standards, ensure high-precision surface preparation, carried out daily and continuously. At Winoa, we understand the crucial importance of precision.

W Tech Range: Precision Preparation Tools

Our W Tech product range offers essential tools and instruments for measurable and precise preparation. These solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of each project, ensuring flawless results.

W Care: Technical Services and Maintenance by Winoa

Beyond our products, the W Care technical and maintenance team exemplifies our commitment to process optimization. We offer comprehensive services aimed at enhancing efficiency and result quality. Our dedicated team ensures that every customer enjoys an optimized experience and tailor-made solutions.


Experience the Winoa Difference

We invite you to a hands-on discovery of a new epoch in surface preparation. Visit us at the AMPP Conference to explore WA Clean and Pantatec, which promise to revolutionize coating efficiency and productivity. Our experts will be available to discuss how Winoa’s solutions can seamlessly integrate and elevate your operational processes.

Don’t miss the chance to witness our innovative technology firsthand. Schedule a meeting, sign up for a live demo, or drop by Booth #521 between March 3rd to 7th to learn more!

Let’s shape the Future Together.