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Customer Event 2024: Revolutionizing Industrial Surface Preparation

Join us in Schwerte, DE – March 13 2024, for a Gathering of Industry Professionals and Leaders


Winoa proudly presents the SPS Customer Event 2024, an exceptional gathering for industry professionals focusing on specialty products and services (SPS) in metallic surface preparation. This event offers a unique platform to explore the latest innovations, including augmented reality applications and advanced cleaning solutions, tailored for the evolving needs of the industry.”


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Event Highlights

Discover the Future

Our carefully curated agenda, tailored specifically for clients in the automotive, light metal, and high-performance sectors, includes a range of topics such as:

  • Augmented Reality Helmet Overview: Dive into the future of maintenance technology.
  • Live Demos from Prague: Experience real-time demonstrations from our newest Technical Center.
  • Premium and Stelux Products: Discover our cutting-edge abrasive solutions for surface preparation.
  • Interactive Sessions with Pierre Coste and Industry Experts: Engage with leading minds in wheeblast technology and surface cleaning.

Detailed Agenda

Event Schedule

Date: 2024-03-13

09.00: Arrival & Welcome

  • Winoa in Overview
  • Demonstrations of Digital Tools and Augmented Reality Maintenance in the Abrasive Media Industry
  • Web Demos: Live from Tech Center Prague
    • Global view of possibilities
    • Services
      • Hot spot
      • Performance monitoring
      • Importance of a good Operating mix
      • Surface analysis of blasted parts
    • Product demonstration
      • Stainless steel abrasives
      • Premium products
  • WA Clean tool Demo and trials

19.00: Network Evening Event


If you need more information about this event, do not hesitate to communicate with our German team : info@winoa.com