IFEX 2024 – Foundry Exhibition – India

IFEX 2024 Foundry Exhibition India



Dicover newest cleaning and surface solutions at IFEX 2024

Unlock the full potential of your foundry operations with our latest advancements in cleaning, dessanding and surface preparation abrasives and tools, presented at IFEX-2024 in Bengaluru. Our offerings are designed to bring efficiency, quality, and innovation directly to your production floor.


Shot blasting training

Empower your team with expert training

Dive into the world of shot cleaning and peening with hands-on training, consulting and services available at our new Winoa-2Effe Shot-peening center. Gain the competitive edge with skills that enhance your operation’s precision and speed, paving the way for a risk-free optimization of your blasting processes.





Achieve superior finishes with Premium abrasives

Step into the future of descaling and desanding with W Abrasives Hybrid(TM) Premium media , tailored for the foundry industry’s demanding needs. Experience how our Premium products can improve your workflow and deliver consistent, lower costs, high-quality parts and results.


Augmented Reality: Your new lens to precision

Pierre Coste - Demonstration of AR at GIFA 2023 - MFN Article
Augmented reality – Demonstration at Gifa by Pierre Coste – W Care service team manager

See your blasting process through a new lens with our Augmented Reality helmet. This tool isn’t just about technology—it’s about providing tangible improvements in accuracy and training, empowering your team to perform at their best.


Interactive learning for enhanced performance

Discover our new W Care training program, including the “Blasting Cost Killer” game and 3D videos and how it can revolutionize your team’s learning experience. These interactive tools, part of the Winoa App, are crafted to empower your workforce with knowledge and practical skills in shot blasting and cleaning.


Join us for an unparalleled experience

Prepare to experience the synergy of technology and practical know-how with Winoa India at IFEX-2024 – Stall B-57. Come to engage with our team and leave empowered. Schedule your visit, click here to contact us and see how our shot blasting abrasives and solutions are engineered for your success!