MC-Globe & Winoa at the RPA Exhibition



Are you wondering what the key to the longevity of your anti-corrosion paint is? Come join us during the Anticorrosion Paint Meetings taking place on March 27th and 28th, 2024, at the Parc Floral de Paris.


MC-Globe & Winoa: Partners at the Anticorrosion Paint Meetings in Paris


Our partner, MC-Globe, will share its expertise in surface preparation, highlighting the role of this step in ensuring lasting protection. Explore the eco-friendly and high-performance solutions of mobile shot blasting, emphasizing the benefits of W Abrasives’ Profilium abrasives for optimal paint applications.

This meeting is dedicated to deepening knowledge and expertise in the field.


About our partner, MC-Globe

MC-Globe offers a range of mobile machines named Phenics dedicated to surface preparation, allowing for better adhesion of anti-corrosion paints. The Phenics machines provide the opportunity to perform on-site shot blasting using W Abrasives’ abrasives. During the shot blasting process, the system efficiently retrieves and recycles the shot, reducing manual operations, waste quantities, and transportation costs.