Winoa at Metalcasting Congress



Join Winoa at the Premier Metalcasting Event in North America.


Momentum in Metalcasting, the premier gathering for all stakeholders in the metalcasting supply chain, will be held from April 23rd to 25th, 2024, at Milwaukee’s Baird Center, featuring three keynote speakers, including the honorable Mike Pompeo, the only person to serve as both Secretary of State and CIA Director!

As a significant contributor to foundry operations, abrasive manufacturing, and surface preparation, our participation in this event serves several purposes:

  • Showcasing Latest Innovations: We aim to present our latest innovations in foundry operations and abrasive solutions, highlighting advancements that drive industry progress.
  • Demonstrating Cutting-Edge Abrasive Solutions: With a focus on optimizing surface preparation, we will showcase our state-of-the-art abrasive solutions designed for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Understanding Customer Needs and Challenges: Through engaging with attendees, we seek to gain insights into the specific needs and challenges faced by customers, fostering discussions to explore tailored solutions.
  • Forging Sustainable Partnerships: Our participation in Metalcasting Congress is to forge lasting bonds and partnerships within the industry, laying the groundwork for collaborative ventures and mutual growth.


Supporting Industry Growth: Our active involvement in Metalcasting Congress reflects our commitment to advancing the metalcasting industry. By contributing to knowledge exchange and fostering innovation, we align with the collective goal of industry progress.

We invite you to join us for insightful discussions, innovative showcases, and collaborative opportunities at the event.


For inquiries regarding our participation or to learn more about our innovative abrasive solutions, please contact us!


Find all the information about the conference at Metalcasting Congress Website.